And I thought some celebrities had big egos

I am of course referring to the recent article published by both The Telegraph and The Daily Mail which was about Samantha Brick who thinks she is irresistable to all men. I mean don’t get me wrong, she looks good for 41 but it seems to me that she is in her own little bubble. She says that there are ‘downsides to looking this pretty’ and how women don’t like her because all their husbands fancy her. Just because you are kind of attractive doesn’t mean that every single man finds you attractive!

In the Daily Mail article she reels off some of the times that her looks have been an advantage such as a random man on the street giving her flowers or the bar staff turning her card away when she tries to pay the bill. I’m not trying to be bitchy but just because you are attractive doesn’t mean that you can think you are some sort of minor celebrity and go around like you own the place. She also says in the Daily Mail article that she is no flirt yet friends have dropped her because they felt threatened by her. The reason they probably stopped talking to you is because they probably didn’t want you flirting with their husband!

As if she hadn’t already had her 15 minutes of fame, she published a follow up article again in the Daily Mail about the backlash she had gotten from the public when her article appeared online. She also appeared on This Morning to defend herself against the backlash. She said that the backlash just proves her point that all women are jealous of her. Most of them probably aren’t, most of them probably think that all you have proved in your 2 articles that you assume that beauty is only skin deep. And for that Samantha Brick I applaud you…


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