Thanks to TOWIE for giving Essex a BRILLIANT name

This show could not annoy me more if it tried. Due to this show which apparently shows what Essex is like. Erm are you kidding me? What that show actually portrays is the lives of individuals who would not be famous if it wasn’t for that show. It represents a tiny majority of people in Essex.  Essex is actually a lovely place and has some nice scenery. It is filmed in a select few places and they are often clubs and the houses of the characters.

The majority of the characters are constantly fake-tanned to the max. They think they look attractive. No. What they actually look like is an Oompa Lumpa or a Wotsit. The only one who doesn’t look like a Wotsit is Lydia and for that I am slightly proud of her. When I see all these girl with the fake tan and fake eyelashes and tiny dresses it just makes me think that these girls must be so insecure about their looks that they feel the need to stain their skin with what normally end up looking like creasote. In my opinion the fake look is not attractive and just makes people think you think beauty is only skin-deep. I think most of the girls on TOWIE would benefit from going on Snog, Marry Avoid because I can guarantee not many blokes would marry those girls…

Amy Childs just annoys me. Not only because you would probably need sunglasses to look at her but because she is just so boring. It’s like the lights are on but nobody’s home. Also none of them seem to have jobs apart from Amy, who surprise surprise has her own salon. It is just me or do SO many girls from Essex decide to go into hair and beauty. Admittedly the one thing that would be quite shocking is seeing Amy without make-up. It would probably take a chisel to get through the layers of foundation and fake tan. And they say it’s natural? Yeah it is if your dad slept with an Oompa Lumpa!

Another character that slightly annoying is Joey Essex. He is another fake tanned, pearly white teeth 20 something who has coined the phrase “reem”. What does it even mean? It seems to have caught on though as I have seen bags with it on and also babies clothes amongst others.

But yeah thanks to TOWIE for making everyone who doesn’t live in Essex think that everyone who lives there is some sort of fake-tanned airhead. Nice one


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