The Ups and Down of social networking

OK, so you’re probably thinking it’s a tad hypocritical of me to be giving my opinion on social networking when I have a Tumblr, Polyvore and Facebook. As much as I love social networking there are pros and cons of it as there are with anything. Many people spend hours on these social networking sites uploading photos, updating statuses, talking to people and creating connections. Social networking has been around for the past 10 years or so. Before that if we wanted to speak to them we had to ring them or even send them a letter!

Let’s start with the cons:

Couples posting loads of photos of them all loved up – seriously nobody wants to see loads of photos of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend in similar poses. Just post the one and end there. We can already see you’re together from the little bit of text on your profile that says it. You also don’t need to post loads of statuses saying how much you love them. It’s annoying

People posting loads of photos of their newborn baby – OK I get it babies are cute. But you don’t need to post hundreds and hundreds of photos. Just do the one so we can all aww over it. Is it just me or do people find people who post photos of their baby who is a minute old kinda strange? No baby looks cute when they have just been born

People who type lyk dis – this annoys me more than the loved-up photos and the baby photos. Whenever I see it, it makes me think “Why do you have to type like that it makes people think you can’t spell!” Seriously just type properly! Jeez it isn’t that hard!

People who start arguments over Facebook – you usually see these kind of posts where someone will call someone else one thing and then it all escalates and everyone gets involved and petty insults are thrown in. What makes me laugh is the fact that they often say they don’t wanna do it over Facebook. There’s a little thing called private messaging!

People asking for re-tweets or the promise of following back if you follow them – this is a Twitter/Tumblr thing. Loads of people just do it so they can say they have loads of followers on Tumblr and Twitter so they can seem popular. If you do something like that it just makes you seem desperate for followers

People who use Tumblr or Facebook like it’s their diary – I mean I don’t mind people writing down their feelings etc but they are never happy feelings, always depressing. If you have the urge to rant and rave a lot on Tumblr or Facebook then go and get a proper diary and write in that

OK so now we go onto the pros (I promise there are some):

Enables people to get in contact with family and friends – you can create connections with people quickly and easily. Facebook started off as a college website and is now a global phenomenon.

Enables people to promote their businesses – people are able to create pages for their business so they can promote it and get more people interested and more people talking and it gives them more business

People are able to link other social networking profiles they have to each other – you can link all of them up so that if people are on your Twitter they can go and look on your Facebook or Tumblr etc. Also on Tumblr if you reblog a photo it says who you re blogged it from so not only does that give you more views but it may give the original blog more views

People can keep people updated via their phone – the fact that people are now able to update their Facebook and Twitter via their phones means that people can update on the go instead of having to be at a computer just to update your status


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