Apparently everyone is a photographer now

What I am referring to is of course the new fangled app Instagram which allows users of iPhones (and now also Android phones) to upload their photos onto Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr with a cool effect on them. Original? I think not. One of the ways that it appeals to iPhone and Android users is the fact that it is free and people love getting stuff for free. Even though it was initially launched in 2010 it seems to have become a lot more popular and well-known since Facebook bought it recently. Their purchase of Instagram comes just a week after it was launched on Android. It seems to be that Mark Zuckerburg wants to turn Facebook from a social networking site into an ‘umbrella’ company. Facebook already own MySpace and now they own Instagram

I didn’t really now much about Instagram until a lot of the same style photos started popping up on my newsfeed and they were all uploaded via Instagram. They normal have a filter put on them. If it was just the one photo I would think ‘Oh that’s cool and unique’. But alas it isn’t just the one photo. Seems that nearly everyone who has an iPhone uses Instagram to upload their photos and they think that putting a cool effect on it automatically makes them sort of photographer. If you want be a photographer with original photos and not just follow the crowd then go and get an SLR and take photos, not just add some effect (which seems to be the same on most of the photos I see) and then upload to Facebook. What’s so original about everyone’s photos looking the same? Absolutely nothing that’s what. I hate because something has become popular that everyone has to jump on the bandwagon and follow the crowd.

Yes I know a lot people love Instagram because they think it’s cool and they think it’s original. The company doesn’t actually make any money due to the app being free yet it has been valued at $500m and Facebook bought it for $1billion. So they just bought a company for $1billion dollars that makes no profit. Mental. It seems to have become si poupular if you type in just the first few letters it comes up as the first suggestion. It honestly seems to me that everyone thought it would be a good idea to upload photos and just put an effect on and upload it. That kind of software has been around for ages. It isn’t cool to upload them with some dumb effect on it, it just makes you seem like a sheep. What I have found is a common theme in all the photos I have seen uploaded via Instagram is that they often really boring. It’s either people, food or the beach. Please people just get some originality.


4 thoughts on “Apparently everyone is a photographer now

  1. I totally agree with you. Im my opinion more people should grab and old Film camera and just start to experiement. Thats the ways to get unique photos. 😉 Good Post!

  2. ‘It’s either people, food or the beach.’
    Most of what comes through on my news feed from Instagram is a combination of all three. Like well done, you took a photo of your macaroons and slapped some lens flare and tilt shift on it. Post more to get bonus photography points so you can level up! Eugh..

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