Size zero…is thin really in?

The size zero debate has been going on for many years. It seems that every week in magazines there are stories about celebrities losing weight, gaining weight, the weird diets that celebrities are on, those who have cellulite and those who we would perceive as normal. Although everyone thinks that size zero models are dangerously thin and they look unhealthy they are still paraded down the catwalk in the designer creations. In a glossy magazine it is very unlikely to see a ‘normal’ woman wearing some of the designer creations. All the women are waif-like and often look very gaunt. It is almost as if the designers do not treat the models like real people but coat hangers for their designs. Most of these designs are outrageous and they often are not seen on any normal person

In 2006 Madrid banned size zero models from their catwalk. A size zero model is classed as a woman who has a BMI under 18.5. If the woman has a BMI of under 18.5 they are classed as unhealthy. It seems that the appeal of being a catwalk model and being superskinny is more than being healthy as the catwalk is often the demise of many of these young girls. In 2006 Uruguayan model Luisel Romas died from heart failure while she was participating in a fashion show in Uruguay. Her father reported that she often wouldn’t eat for days. It seems that the glitz and glamour of being photographed and the ability to wear designer clothes means that many young women want to be a model. They often eat very little, a size zero model usually consumes about 400 calories a day.

In a recent weeks Victoria Beckham has said she represents the average woman. She must be deluded. She is a size 6 and with most women being a size 14 or above it seems that the LA lifestyle and being around waif-thin models that has made her come to this conclusion. The size zero models that are seen in every magazine and all the catwalks have an effect on women and young girls as they make them think that to be attractive you have to be waif-thin to be pretty. There have been orders for size zero models to be completely banned and to use ‘real’ women on the catwalks. It seems that some people however cannot get past the delusion that being thin is everything such as  Karl Lagerfield blasting plus size models for being used on the catwalk. Apparently some of the writers for ELLE thinking that banning size zero models will make everyone fat. Just because they think the public believes everything they see in magazines doesn’t mean the public will listen. An example of someone giving into the pressure of being a model is former plus-size model Crystal Renn who has recently dramatically lost a lot of weight. She has gone from a size 14 to a size 6. Although these people think that being superskinny is attractive and the best way to be there are people who think the opposite such as the petition by Katie Green which calls for size zero to be banned

It’s quite sad that the fashion industry thinks that being beautiful means that you have to be skeletal thin, look unhealthy and be able to walk in ridiculously high heels and eat next to nothing just to be a coat hanger for the designer clothes. If I had the choice between being a coat hanger and being healthy and happy I know which one I would choose

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