Jerry Jerry Jerry!

It’s hard to believe the Jerry Springer show has been on our screens for 21 years now. It is most famous for it’s foul mouthed guests, controversial storylines and outrageous audience. The show is so bad it’s good. It is absolutely addictive, even though you don’t want to watch it, you feel the need to even if it justs to see the guests fight. In addition to all the wacky storylines, excessive nudity there is also the sound effects that are often used to add comedic effect. However you hear that bell clang it can mean only one thing…FIGHT!

It is hard to believe that when the Jerry Springer show first aired it was a serious talk show that talked about topics such as gun politics, homelessness and the social culture of rock music. It was the first season of the Jerry Springer that made the celebrity he is now. Even though the show was originally very serious, the show’s current format could not be further from this. It is now considered “trash tv”. When the show starts up there is often a parent advisory warning saying it isn’t suitable for children. That couldn’t be more true. The guests are often involved in some sort of weird love triangle or they are strange in some other form of way. It is not only these type of guests they have on the show. They also have controversial people on the show such as the show where various members of the KKK appeared such as Gordon Parks and JD Alder which was entitled “A KKK Family” (the clip on YouTube calls them nutjobs). It seems that whenever these types of shows are on the audience always reacts badly to them yet people will still fill the audience seats just to say they went to a recording. Throughout the years several of the people involved with the show have regularly have screen time such as Steve Wilkos and Reverend Schnorr. Other controversial storylines throughout the years include:

The show has often been accused of being fake. It seems to me that it could be all staged. The fights seem too staged because you wouldn’t wait for a bell if you were really going to fight someone would you? In my opinion some of the storylines they have on the show are only to boost ratings such as any of the above. Even though often the same storylines reappear on many of the shows: love triangles, transsexuals, family secrets etc the audience is always shocked. Jerry Springer was once quoted as saying about his own show:

I would never watch my show. I’m not interested in it. It’s not aimed towards me. This is just a silly show

Even though it has now turned into just a space for people to fight mindlessly and to tell weird stories Jerry always tries to find some of compromise at the end of each segment. Well Jerry is only human after all.


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