Kids should be kids

It seems that girls nowadays feel under pressure to grow up way too quickly. Magazines, celebrities, adult style clothing and music video are all to blame for this according to parents. It isn’t only just modern culture that puts these girls under pressure but many of them feel under pressure from their friends just so they can fit in. The society that we live in is relatively uncensored with access to highly sexualised books, movies and magazines. Any comments that are usually made towards women or girls are based on their appearance or how attractive they are perceived to be.

One big thing that factors into the sexualisation of young girls is the clothing that is aimed at them. It seems that they want to make kids look like mini-adults. When Primark released a padded bra aimed at 7 year olds outrage ensued. Many of the clothing companies don’t seem to think about the mental effect the clothing they are producing is having on the girls. If you go into any big department store and go into the lingerie section the section for teenage/tween girls is right next to the lingerie aimed at adults. Obviously little girls want to be like their mums so they want to dress like them. When I was a kid when I was a kid I was playing with Barbies not dressing up to make myself look a lot older than I am

One thing that is slightly annoying about these girls who dress in clothes to make themselves is that they moan that guys keep giving them attention. Yeah the reason for this is because they dress in a way that makes these guys think you are older. In my opinion most tween girls want to look they are in their late teen’s yet they don’t want guys perving over them. The solution? Dress your age! In a report published last year it called for sexualised music videos to be for older teenagers and that parents would be given more control over watershed guidelines.

It isn’t only just the clothing companies that are to blame for the sexualisation of children. The parents of these children are partially to blame as they buy these clothes for their children. Yes I know that it is all about fitting in. There is a line between fitting in and making your child look a lot older than they are. It also doesn’t help that shows such as “Toddlers and Tiaras” show very young children covered in make up and fake tan and also clothes that are obviously aimed at a much older audience. One mother that has come under fire about this is Paisley Dickey who paraded around wearing a mini version of Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman outfit. Maybe if the parents of these children didn’t buy them the sexualised clothes or the make up then the young girls would actually stay little girls for a bit longer. Some of the outfits these tween girls wear I would never even consider wearing and I’m 20! Maybe if the parents actually let their children be children and play with age appropriate toys instead of feeling the need to make them look like mini-adults. Just let kids be kids


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