Let the fur fly

The issue of using real animal in fashion has been a debate that has been going on for years now with people arguing for and against it. It seemed that the fashion industry were giving up on using real fur up until quiet recently when it started to creep back onto the catwalk and into the wardrobes of celebrities. Not so long ago if a supermodel was asked to wear a fur garment she would refuse. Even faux fur sometimes has been slammed as some people see the idea of faux fur as promoting the idea that wearing real fur is the same.

The fur debate came back to life recently when a top LA boutique in West Hollywood had been found to labelling real fur items as faux fur items. This comes after the whole area of West Hollywood was banned to sell any real fur items until 2013. It isn’t only just the West Hollywood boutique that has been in trouble with anti fur protestors recently. Kim Kardashian has been accused of selling real fur at her boutique, DASH. This isn’t the only time she has been targeted by anti-fur protestors as she was pelted with a flour bomb by a PETA campaigner last month when she went to the release of her new perfume.

In the 1940’s and 1950’s wearing fur was very popular. Real fur coats and stoles were very common among women. Real fur oozed elegance and wealth. Fast forwards a few decades and people seem to hate anyone who wears the slight bit of fur. I do get the appeal of both faux and real fur. Faux is obviously cheaper yet real last longer. You can get some really good faux fur coats that look almost identical to real. The reason that in the decades before this that real fur was more acceptable is that anti-fur groups such as PETA didn’t exist so people were able to buy fur without prejudice. Even now real fur is quite expensive to buy so it is often only bought by the rich.

I am neither anti or pro fur. In my opinion, people shouldn’t judge someone if they want to wear fur. It is their choice to spend their money on a real fur coat. Who are people to judge other people on what they buy? Yes there are ethical issues about the wearing of real fur, but couldn’t that be said of wearing leather and most people wear leather shoes and coats. Maybe people should stop caring what other people spend their own money on and focus on what they spend their money on. If people want to wear fur then let them, if they don’t then let them!


7 thoughts on “Let the fur fly

  1. I am a fan of and wear real fur. I do not see the harm in buying a second hand fur, the animal has already been killed and as far as I am concerned it’s recycling. I’d rather wear a fur coat that will last for years than buy a high street coat that will last a few seasons and was likely to have been made in a sweat shop. . .

  2. The whole point in trying to get people to not wear real fur is for the sake of the animals, its okay saying “its their money, let them do what they want” but someone has to try and protect these animals that are kept in horrible conditions until they are skinned alive for their fur. This is how real fur farms work, the animals are abused and neglected and all for what? A coat. People are aloud to have their own opinions when it relates and affects them but when it affects the lives and abuse of others, well thats a whole different matter. I agree that leather is the same, and you will find that the majority of people protesting against real fur also don’t wear real leather.

      • The more people that buy fur coats/items the higher the demand for fur, meaning more animals abused and tortured. Are you really saying that you think that’s okay and we should let that happen just because somebody wants a piece of clothing that they could so easily get without hurting animals? (faux fur). People are ignorant and if they want something they don’t care what they have to hurt to get it, and if there’s something that I can do in my lifetime to try and stop it then I will.

      • I’m neither pro or anti fur. So you saying that an animal shouldn’t be killed for its fur is wrong? Well if that’s your point then animals shouldn’t be killed for their meat then

      • Yeah thats what I believe. I’m vegan and don’t think that something should have to die for you to have a snack.

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