Even 7 year olds can have reality shows now

The newest ‘star’ to land their own reality show is Eden Wood. She is famous for being on Toddlers and Tiaras which shows the lives of several of America’s child beauty pageant contestants. Eden has won over 300 pageants in her short life and retired from doing pageants last year at the ripe old age of six!  It seems she wants to follow in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian and star in her own reality tv show called ‘Eden’s World’. One thing I am wondering is where on earth do these parents get the money to pay for all the costumes, fees and travelling expenses for these events?

‘Eden’s World’ won’t actually focus a lot on Eden herself but it focuses more on her manager (Heather) and her publicist (Andrew) who argue openly about Eden’s future. What parent would think it is a good idea to put their child infront of the cameras and also involve a team of people for her to become a star. What 7 year old child would want their young life invaded by cameras and documented and broadcast nationwide? This is just an example of a very pushy parent and a little girl who constantly wants attention. It’s also an example of the media not thinking of what effect it could have on the 7 year old.

Seems to me that Eden hasn’t really had the chance to live a normal life. She has been doing pageants since she was little and is now very used to wearing a full face of make up, fake tan and very elaborate and expensive outfits. Eden’s mother seems to be very pushy and yes I get that every little girl wants to be a princess but there’s a difference between letting them play with Barbie and parading them infront of people in full make up. It is apparent that Eden’s mother Micki is not satisfied with her daughter just winning hundreds of beauty pageants as well. Eden has also acted in two small parts, has done modelling, written 5 songs and she has also launched her own fashion line. This girl is seven years old she doesn’t need to stuck infront of the cameras constantly and be loads of other projects and the only reason for her doing them is so her mother can boast about how famous her daughter is. Just let her have a childhood!


One thought on “Even 7 year olds can have reality shows now

  1. You may delete this, but just a little editing note.
    “Eden has won over 300 pageants in her short life and retired from doing pageants last year at the ripe old age of six!” and “Eden has won over 300 pageants in her short life and her mother is stereotypical proud mother.”
    Same thing written twice. Hope this helps 🙂

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