Seems like most celebrity mothers are made of elastic now

With Una Healy being the latest to join the crew of celebrity mums it seems that these mothers seems to be made of elastic. She joins the likes of Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie who pinged right back into shape after giving birth. This doesn’t help us ‘normal’ people who decide to have children. We are surrounded by images in glossy magazines of women who ‘glow’ and ‘blossom’ throughout their pregnancy. The mum has barely given birth and the mother is out and about not giving any signs – apart from the baby – that they were even pregnant.

Non-celebrity mothers are constantly under pressure from these glamourous celeb mums who have the ability to dress fashionably weeks after giving birth. Most of these celebrity mums are often seen wearing skyscraper heels when they are heavily pregnant while us mere mortals settle for flat shoes and dresses that cover said bump. Seeing that most celebrities think that a little thing like having a baby should not stop them. Surely wearing 6 inch heels while heavily pregnant is a tad dangerous.

Although these celebrities who ping back into shape so quickly do so under more drastic measures than they would like to have us think. I don’t get the reason for wanting to get back into shape almost straight away after giving birth. Surely it can’t be good for your body if you do that. When Victoria Beckham was pregnant with Harper she was regularly seen in heels while she was pregnant. Seems the it’s fashion over comfort for many of these celeb mums during pregnancy. Some of the ways that these celebs ping back into their tiny pre baby bodies is crash dieting, doing extensive workouts and sometimes barely eating. Jodi Albert has lashed out at celebrity mums who do those exact things saying that they give out an unhealthy example to new mothers and also expectant mothers. These babies are often stars before they can even walk with many celebrities selling their photos of their newborn baby to magazines for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Seems to me like these celebrities need to maybe slow down and enjoy their pregnancies and becoming a mother instead of being so intent on getting back into the clothes they used to wear before they had the child. Halle Berry was working out up until she was 7 months pregnant! While the non-celebrity mothers lose their baby weight slowly without starving themselves, these celebrities lose it almost overnight. Thanks for the confidence there Hollywood!


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