Finding the perfect fit

Retail therapy to most women is heaven. Trying on pretty clothes and admiring yourself in the mirror. Is there a downside to such heaven? Ah yes unfortunately there is. That downside is finding a bra that actually fits properly. How many of you have gone into the lingerie fitting rooms with many bras that are labelled your size only to come to find out that many of them do not fit and often find just one or sometimes none that fit?

With an astonishing 80% of women wearing the wrong size bra it is little wonder that bra shopping is a nightmare. The most common mistake that women make is to wear a Different shops size their bras differently which means the task of finding a bra becomes all more difficult so in one shop you might be a 32C but in another shop you might be a 32D. I have experienced this first hand. I went into my local Boux Avenue a while ago and picked up a few 32B’s. It took me another half an hour to find one that fitted me properly in the whole shop and the other one’s that i tried on either the cut was either wrong, the cup was too big or too small etc. I nearly lost the will to live. The most annoying thing about finding bras if you have a quite large chest is that most of the pretty designs are more aimed at women who are smaller busted.

Here are a few tips for finding the right bra that I found in an article on

  • The bra should lie flat and follow around he circumference of the body in a straight line.
  • The centre front should sit snugly against the chest wall and separate the breasts. It should not pull forward away from the body.
  • There should be no bulges of breast above the edge of the cup, on profile where the bra finishes the bust should continue on the same line.
  • There should be no wrinkles evident on the cup of the bra- all over wrinkles means the cup is too big, whereas space or wrinkling in the nipple area of the cup means the cup is too small.
  • Bra straps should need only to rest lightly on the shoulders and not dig in and cause redness, it is the structure of the whole bra that should support the breast weight not just the straps.
  • If a wired bra is worn, the wire should completely encase the breast and not cut into the breast tissue.

It is rather annoying that every single shop that sells lingerie has its own measuring guide. It turns shopping from heaven into hell. Shopping shouldn’t be stressful it should be peaceful and easy. I don’t see why shops make buying underwear so hard. They present us with loads and loads of different styles and colours yet a 32B in one style that might fit, a 32B in a different style might not fit. When will shopping for clothes become stress-free?


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