Looks like 15 minutes of fame no longer exsists

Celebrities nowadays are not just famous for one thing. They often branch into other ways of making money. Seems they aren’t satisfied with just having their 15 minutes of fame. There are hundreds of celebrity autobiographies, celebrity fragrances, children’s books etc. Nowadays no business is safe from the claws of a celebrity. The only reason most of it sells is because its got a celebrities’ name on it. It seems that every single celebrity these days has a fragrance that they have bad. It’s almost as if you don’t become a proper celebrity until you have released a fragrance. Even now celebrities are still jumping on this bandwagon with Madonna, Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez.

In the crazy world of celebrities one of the most common things to do to prolong your 15 minutes of fame is produce a fashion line. In my opinion many of these celebrities are given the chance to be a fashion designer simply because they are celebrities, not because they are good designers. In saying that there are some celebrity fashion lines who are quite popular within the fashion industry. The Olsen twins are often seen in the front row of many fashion shows. Another fashion line that has gained a lot of notority in the fashion industry is Gwen Stefani’s fashion line L.A.M.B and from season to season it just oozes Stefani’s style.

Katie Price is an example of a celebrity who has her finger in a lot of pies. She thinks that just because she is a glamor model that she can do anything else. After her appearance on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! in 2004 she came back into the media spotlight and it seems like she never left. Since then she has released 4 autobiographies, starred in several documentaries about her life, launched an equestrian range, produced a hair care range for Superdrug amongst many other things. Even after her split from Peter Andre she still milked her 15 minutes of fame and was named Celebrity Mum Of The Year last year.

Despite the criticisms from many people celebrity fashion and other products are very popular and the public often love the products. Celebrities aren’t just used to be designers, at these fashion show you often see rows and rows of celebrities at the fashion shows. It seems nowadays that any celebrity can become a fashion designer


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