Pinterest has lost all interest

Following in the footsteps of Instagram came Pinterest. It is a pinboard style photo-sharing website that enables users to create photo collections and share them with other users. Users are able to browse through other pinboards, ‘re pin’ images onto their pinboards and also like images. Pinterest allows it users to share their ‘pins’ via Twitter and Facebook. There is also a Pinterest mobile app launched in September 2011 and there is also currently a Pinterest iPhone app in development.

It became very popular in January and February with loads of celebrities and politicians jumping on the bandwagon ‘pinning’ all their photos online. Even though it became very popular very quickly this month it seems that the site is losing users. It was endorsed by Mark Zuckerburg and Barack Obama, Pinterest soon become the social media craze of 2012. The majority of Pinterest users sign up via Facebook and Twitter and the amount of people signing up to Pinterest has dropped according to data collected Business Insider. Monthlu active users are down from 11.1 million at the beginning of the month to around 8.3 million today

Like every single app that is brought out people jump on the bandwagon and think they are cool. However, the novelty of it soon wears off and the amount of users slowly declines. There are loads of photo sharing websites on the Internet such as Flickr and Photobucket but it seems that whenever a new way comes out people are automatically amazed. There has also been some controversy about the copyright of the photos ‘pinned’ on Pinterest. Pinterest discourages users from ‘pinning’ self-taken photos. However, at the same time Pinterest Terms Of Use forbids users from ‘pinning’ third party photos and it states that any users are subject to legal action that is taken from the trademark or copyright holder. It seems that Pinterest has completely contradicted themselves. Surely they need to revise their Terms Of Use? And quickly. The site is the third most popular social media site on the USA, only being beaten by Facebook and Twitter. It has been noted that Pinterest is a mostly female site with overwhelming amounts of photos of cute kittens and cupcakes although there are pinboard-style sites popping up that are aimed at males such as Maninteresting.

It seems that maybe the novelty of being able to share your photos via pinboards has worn off quite quickly. The copyright controversy has meant that many users have left the site. Pinterest wil soon become just one of those apps that was good when it was popular.


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