There’s no room in Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth University student halls are bursting at the seams. They have taken in more students than they can accomodate for. Their solution? Put in bunk beds into some of rooms. This not only rises the amount of people in each flat/house but it also raises the amount of money the University is getting. It’s ridiculous. The bunk rooms aren’t like the twin rooms. Twin rooms have two of everything whereas the bunk rooms don’t. A bunk room only has one desk and one wardrobe. Also the fact that you won’t know who you are living with til you get there is a bit nerve-racking because if you get a  bad roommate then your first year of uni won’t be as enjoyable.

I don’t see why they take more students than they know they have room for. In doing this means that when these students go into their second and third year it is going to be even harder to find private sector housing. It would be slightly better if Aberystwyth was a bigger town. However, it is not. The town only has a population of 18,000 people. Some people even this academic year have had to live in Machynlleth and Borth just to be able to continue their studies. The fact that fees are being raised this September is also going to deter many people from coming to University altogether. When I came to Aberystwyth in September 2010 they were already over subscribed. Seems like they haven’t learnt from previous years

It isn’t just rooms in student halls that are in short supply. Getting a house for your second and third year is becoming extremely difficult. With most estate agents scaremongering students into getting housing within months of arriving at University means that the houses go very quickly and it means that the students become very worried about not being able to continue their studies. Most of the estate agents apparently have nothing left by Christmas. It’s an absolute joke. My brother who is at Kingston Uni went to the estate agents in March and was told he was too early and that the lists wouldn’t be out yet. If we were to have gone to estate agents in Aberystwyth in March and seen what they had we were told they didn’t have anything. A lot of people I know have ended up just posting on Facebook looking just for a room. Some people have ended up getting rooms in summer.

Another thing is annoying about the housing here in Aberystwyth is summer rent. It is one of the biggest cons ever. Last summer I paid 75% rent on my current house and I didn’t even live in it for 3 months. My friends at other unis don’t have to pay summer rent. Luckily this summer I am paying half rent over summer so it’s not as bad but it’s still a rip off. They seem to think that students are made of money. They aren’t satisfied with just making us pay a deposit which is usually a month’s rent and then make us pay even more money to keep the house. The landlords in Aberystwyth also aren’t held in high regard. Some students have complained about leaky pipes, unclean houses, mould etc. The Courier ran a story in February which unearthed some housing horror stories like students being promised a house and the estate agents gave it to another group of students. Damp is also common in many Aberystwyth student housing. Instead of addressing the problem and treating them properly they sometimes just paint over it or just wipe it off. They assume that just painting over the mould will make the problem go away when it actually just makes it worse. The landlords just don’t want to pay the money to keep their houses in liveable condition

The student housing in Aberystwyth is terrible. Students being frightened into getting their second year house almost immediately when they arrive. Students being forced to pay ‘admin fees’ just for signing their names twice. It’s a joke. Soon students will decide against going to Aberystwyth because they can’t be guaranteed accommodation and it’s a shame because the University is really good. Maybe the University should focus more on building more student halls then having more academic buildings.


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