Why does Jeremy Kyle have to shout?

The Jeremy Kyle show is another example of a television show that is so bad it’s good. It has been on our screens since 2005. The show was first used as a replacement for the Trisha Goddard Show when it moved to Channel 5. The show is based on confrontations where the guests attempt to resolve conflict with someone significant in their lives. Jeremy often shouts at the guests who he thinks have been irresponsible in some ways. The issues that are often thrashed out infront of millions are family, sex, drugs, relationships, alcohol and other issues. Not many of the guests are that attractive either. They are often stereotyped as working class, ignorant and being ‘chavs’

The show can be split into four categories:

  1. Lie Detector – the guests take lie detectors which are normally applied in cases of robbery or suspected infidelity
  2. DNA test – these are used to prove who the biological father is of a child or if family members need confirmation that they are related such as brother and sister
  3. The heart-warmer – these shows often focus on people who have rare and unique medical conditions. He often helps them by assisting with any medical treatment they need or any specialised equipment they need to help their life better
  4. Celebrity specials – Throughout the 7 years it has been on our screens there have been a few celebrity specials. They often come onto the show to talk about a low point in their life. Celebrities that have appeared on the show include Nikki Grahame, Jackiey Budgen, Leslie Grantham and Jodie Marsh.

What gets me about the guests is that they aren’t willing to sort out their problems back at home in the privacy of their own homes yet they are willing to travel to Manchester and thrash out their problems in front of a live audience and the millions of people watching at home. The guests are often foul mouthed who launch attacks on other guests and security often have to intervene. The show has often been shrouded in controversy such as in 2007 when David Staniforth head butted his wife’s lover Larry Mahoney live on stage. The show was branded a form of ‘human bear baiting’ by the judge who sentenced Mr Staniforth however ITV bosses defended the show by saying that ‘we take the safety and well-being of studio guests extremely seriously. It is made clear to all guests prior to going into the studio that no violence is ever tolerated’. Although whenever there is any violence on the set the camera cuts to a shot of the shocked audience and then cuts back once the situation has been diffused. Jeremy Kyle seems to make assumptions about all guests often painting one as the villain and one as the good person, this tends to not change even if evidence comes to light that the person he paints as the good person taints this.

Jeremy Kyle has taken his show across the pond to the USA and admittedly I have watched a few episodes. They all shout at each other and when Jeremy tries to rile them up he is met with the same reaction that he gets in the UK. The guests get angry. Surely if he was actually trying to properly help them he wouldn’t shout at the guests all the time and rile them up.

In my honest opinion if you can’t sort out your disputes at home then why go on national television in front of millions of people to try and sort the spat out? All it’s going to do is publicly humiliate you and the people involved. If you want to air our dirty laundry on TV and act like screeching banshees then go ahead but all its going to achieve is higher rating for Jezza.


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