Since when does being fashionable mean being a sheep?

In every single fashion magazine they tell women was is classed as ‘fashionable’ and what isn’t. It seems that these fashion designers have the power to tell people what they should be wearing and how to wear it etc. Often what people wear can often mean they are labelled as something. For example ‘hipster’, ‘goth’, ‘preppy’ etc. Nowadays it seems that what people wear defines what they are to other people.

When a new fashion trend comes onto the high street, everyone turns into sheep. They think that if it’s fashionable and that celebrities are wearing them that they have to wear them to be popular.

One of the worst offenders of this crime is chinos. I can’t stand them. Whenever I am out I see loads and loads of people wearing them. They don’t look individual, they just all look the same. They are always in the same three colours: purple, dark red or beige. It makes me think they don’t have the confidence to not be a sheep and just follow the crowd. I decided to try on chinos just to see why people liked them so much and why they were so popular. Admittedly the colour was nice and they fitted my legs well but my bum looked so flat so I didn’t buy them. This could also be said about many other things like crop tops, coloured denim, leather shorts etc.

In my opinion if someone wears something and they look confident in it they look better than someone who is wearing something just because fashion magazines consider it fashionable. Fashion to me is how you style it, not how someone else thinks it should be styled. I would much rather stand out than fit it and follow the crowd


4 thoughts on “Since when does being fashionable mean being a sheep?

  1. In your first paragraph you say designers have the power to dictate fashion to us. I don’t agree on that point, designers merely present their view on a them each season, and everyone has its own views and that’s great. The ‘big bad wolf’ here are fashion magazines that label some items or trends as ‘unfashionable’. The magazines you want to buy are those who will propose a large variety of styles and inspire you, not telling you what you supposedly can’t do.
    Fashion is temporal, style is for ever (I think it’s Coco Chanel who said that). As you say in your last paragraph, fashion (and even more style) is how you style it, not what someone tells you to wear. Fashion is a form of expression, not copy-paste.
    Sorry for the long text, I’m still in essay-writing mode 😛

    • Ah you do make a good point. I think people would rather invest in what is fashionable now rather than key pieces that will never go out of style.

      Essay writing mode sucks, I’m still in aswell 😛

      • Glad to know I’m not the only one :p
        And indeed, there are loooaaaads of people just buying trends they will wear for one season, I did too until I realized the value of timeless key pieces. And of course I still follow the trends in some way, but I try to find an item that will last a couple of years (that is actually a very good thing to think of when you are shopping). And (actually not so) surprisingly, people around me have reacted very positively, they find it a lot more fashionable than all my H&M junk. Funny isn’t it?!

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