OMG you’re a girl and you play games

Even though females make up only 10% of the overall gaming community it seems they are becoming even more and more popular. Many girls consider them ‘girl gamers’ even if they only play a popular game such as Skyrim, Call Of Duty or Halo for example. This doesn’t make you a ‘gamer’ if you just play ONE single game. It annoys me when some girls say they play Xbox all the time when actually all they do is play Skyrim or COD. Or they only do it to try and fit in with the boy they like. It’s pathetic

I’m not saying all girls that play games are like this. I am just saying that the majority of the girls that play games are like this. The gaming industry is still a male dominated industry and there are many girls on YouTube who review games who don’t really help shake the stigma that girls who game only do it just to get boys to like them. Yes I am talking about iJustine.  She has over 17 hundred videos on YouTube alone, between her five YouTube channels (IJustine, IJustineGaming, IJustinesIphone, IjustineReveiws, and OtherIJustine. Why does she need FIVE channels. The only reason she is so popular is because she is attractive…oh and she’s a girl. There are other girls on YouTube who do gaming videos who don’t just do them because they are a girl such as icklenellierose.

I know many girls who say they play games when they actually just get the game so it looks like they are a real hardcore gamer and they never play the game they just wasted £40 on. I do know some girls who are proper gamers who don’t just do it just to get boys to like them. These girls don’t make a big thing of the fact they are a girl because they play games for fun whereas it seems to me that the girls who make a big thing about the fact they are a girl who plays games just for guys to like them. If you wanna play games just to make guys like you then go ahead but if you were a proper gamer then you would just quietly do it instead of making a big thing of it.


2 thoughts on “OMG you’re a girl and you play games

  1. I think the current percentage(according to the VGA’s 2011) is 43% of gamers are now female. Now I don’t know how many of those fall under the types you are discussing here, but I see it as a good trend and it really is helping to shake up old stigma’s and stereotypes. Interesting artice btw! 😉

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