Love is love. Simple.

US politician Joe Biden has recently come out and said that he supports gay marriage. This then provided the catalyst for President Barack Obama to also come forward and say that he is pro gay marriage. 40% of people polled in a recent polled are now less likely to vote for Obama in the next election because he is pro gay marriage. 32 states have banned same-sex marriage. These include: North Dakota, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Colorado. 9 states in the whole of the US allow gay marriage. These include: Iowa,  Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, District of Columbia and Massachusetts. There are some states that allow domestic partnerships but they do not allow same sex marriage. After Obama made the statement that he was pro gay marriage many celebrities took to Twitter to show their support for him.

I don’t see why just because President Obama is pro gay marriage that it means people won’t vote for him in the next election. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. It shouldn’t matter what other people do or who they marry whether it be a man or a woman unless it directly affects you. There are so many couples who have been together for longer than many heterosexual couples yet due to many state laws banning same sex marriage they are not allowed to get married.

Lee and Bert have been together for over 25 years. When Bert had a heart attack Lee was not allowed in the emergency room because they weren’t legally married

Ed and Derence have been together for over 40 years. Ed suffers from Alzheimers and is worried that by the time the government rules on same sex marriage that he will no longer be able to recognise Derence

I don’t see why so many states are against the legalisation of same sex marriage. Love is love. Simple. Just because someone sexual preference happens to be the same gender as them does not mean that their love does not deserve the same respect and privileges that a relationship between a man and woman. What right does someone have to say who you can marry and who you can’t. Gay people are human beings like the rest of us. People need to stop treating them like they are different.


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