Jessica Simpson gives birth to a maternity line

Jessica Simpson is planning to expand her fashion range by producing a maternity line. After having recently given birth to her first child – a daughter called Maxwell Drew. She is a pop singer turned entrepuner who assumes just because she is celebrity that she can just become a fashion designer easily. The line will be called Jessica Simpson for Destination Maternity.

The range – unlike many celebrity ranges – is actually decently priced. The prices range form $36 to $63. The range will hit 700 US stores in a few months. Simpson is also cashing in on her pregnancy in other ways aswell. She is in talks with WeightWatchers regarding a multimillion pound deal to be paid for losing her baby weight. I’m sure any woman would like to have that oppurtunity but alas us mere mortals will never have the chance to. She is also reported to be selling the first pictures of her daughter to People magazine for £800,000 dollars. I don’t see why so many celebrities try and cash in on their births so quickly. Surely it’s more important to be looking after your newborn child and not put it infront of a camera for an extorniate amount of money. Doing this often means that the paparazzi are constantly following them and most newspapers post pointless articles which talk about how the celebrities were out with their babies. It’s not news! Nobody cares if Peaches Geldof shows off her newborn son. It gets very boring extremely quickly


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