Pale is in. Orange is out

If you get a fake tan most people assume you look healthy. However, the fake tan look maybe soon becoming less and less popular. Pale is the new tan. I myself am rather pale so i have never seen the appeal of constantly wearing fake tan. I don’t see why tanning is more popular than not tanning and embracing your natural skin colour. Many women would rather look like they have doused themselves in cresote or look like an oompa loompa than have normal coloured skin. The process of having a tan admittedly has been ruined by celebrites.

Would you rather look like:

Anne Hathaway


Paris Hilton

Emma Stone


Tan Mom

Girls do it because they think men find it attractive. They really don’t. Most of my male friends hate it. I think they would rather not have to chisel through layers of make up and fake tan just to get to her normal skin. Being pale is actually good, looking like you are auditioning to be an oompa loompa does not.


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