Here comes the bride…

Most women would be horrified if they weigh 800lb. Suzanne Eman is very proud of her 800 pound weight. She however wants to be heavier. Suzanne has a goal weight of a staggering 1,600 pounds as she wants to become the fattest woman in the world. She is planning to wed her fiance soon. The one advantage to this union is that her husband is a chef. It’s like a match made in food heaven.

Every day Suzanne consumes a whopping 30,000 calories. To put that in perspective she is eating enough to feed 15 people! She is also planning on getting married to her normal size fiance. The seamstress that is making her dress is having to use 45 yards of fabric to fit around her 9 foot waist. With a waist that large finding a wedding dress is going to be hard, well finding anything to fit would be very difficult when you weigh 800 pounds. While most women want to slim down for their wedding and look perfect Susanne is perfectly fine with having a huge wedding as the only thing she is worried about is spilling something on her dress.

Surely she knows what her weight is doing to her body and also to her quality of life. Her fiance being a chef doesn’t help because all he does is feed her addiction to food. The strain on her heart must be enormous. Her fiance is enabling her to be this way. Surely if he loved her and actually wanted her to be healthy and live a happy life together he would help her get healthy and lose some of the weight. What gets me that she is willingly doing this even though she knows that ultimately her love of food will cause her demise.


One thought on “Here comes the bride…

  1. I wonder why her husband supports such an unhealthy lifestyle. I mean I’m happy that this women claims to be “happy”, but consuming 30,000 calories a day is completely unhealthy.

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