Lady Gaga never fails to push the boundaries

Lady Gaga never fails to shock us with her wacky fashion. Her most recent outfit is a meat corset which unlike that famous meat dress luckily is fake. She wore it as one of her many costumes for her performance in Tawain a few days ago. Ever since Lady Gaga appeared on the music scene her sense of style has often been questioned. She is rarely seen in normal clothes, instead preferring to dress in rather outlandish wherever she goes. She often wears strange hats or hair pieces such as the large telephone hate she wore on The Jonathan Ross show once.

During the Tawain concert she wore a range other other strappy leather costumes and studs. In this concert on stage she had two rather large pieces of meat on hooks either side of her when she was performing in her meat corset. It seems to me that even though the meat corset was fake and reminiscent of her meat dress that Lady Gaga seems to be running out of ideas to shock people with. If she didn’t wear the clothes that she did she would just be another artist in the music industry like all the rest. Although the meat corset look a tad strange – it was more reserved than the meat dress which was real and was even complete with real meat tied to her feet – it was a tiny bit fashionable with the sweetheart neckline and the boots. Perhaps the reason that Gaga’s outfits are becoming less and less shocking is because of likes of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj who are catching up with Lady Gaga on their outlandish outfits. It seems to me that Lady Gaga wears these costumes to get a reaction from people and although at first they did and anything that Lady Gaga wore was reported in the newspapers. People hardly noticed when she wore a purple wig last month.

Maybe Lady Gaga should start to realise that her costumes almost seem ‘old hat’. They aren’t shocking anymore as they used to be. It’s only because she was the first person to wear such outlandish things that she became as popular as she did. Even during all her concerts she often had strange and weird stage designs such as when she came out of an egg for her ‘Born This Way’ tour. She has only been on the music scene for three years and she is already recycling some of her previous ideas. The public are already tiring of her strange costumes, seems to me like she is almost hiding behind these costumes.



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