Apparently face furniture is getting more popular

The contact lens is a multi-billion industry because there are many of us who don’t want to be seen wearing glasses. However the winds are changing because wearing glasses has become more and popular in the last few years. How you may ask. The reason is that some celebrities have been rocking some pretty cool eyewear. Another reason for the rise in the popularity in face furniture is that there are so many different styles out there. There are also many fashion designers that have made glasses such as Valentino, Prada, Gucci and Chanel. They often come with a hefty price tag, although you can get ones that aren’t designer that look just as good


There are so many styles out there that if you wear glasses that there is a style out there to suit you. As a glasses wearer myself when i was growing admittedly I hated wearing them because when I was a kid not many people wore glasses. Doesn’t help that I’m short sighted so my eyes look quite small when I wear glasses. I tend to wear my glasses more now that more and more people are choosing to wear glasses. Some people who have only see me wear lenses are actually suprised when they see me in glasses. Now the styles have become more sleek so more and people want to wear them because celebrities are starting to wear them. Johnny Depp is rather seen without them. They are no longer as nerdy but seen as sexy. One advantage of wearing glasses is that is rare to find two people who are wearing the same exact style of glasses. Although admittedly I do prefer wearing my lenses on a night out – if I broke my glasses on a night out I would not be pleased at all – I sometimes find contact lenses fiddly in the morning so it’s easier just to be able to put on my glasses and immediately be able to see!


4 thoughts on “Apparently face furniture is getting more popular

  1. You can get designer glasses for fairly cheap in Specsavers & the like, though I guess they’re not quite the same tier as the ones your mentioning – though I have seen D&G ones .etc.
    I wear Jasper Conran glasses, & have had ‘designer’ ones for the last three pairs. I enjoy wearing glasses & though I feel incredibly hipster by saying this, I wore them before they were cool, haha.

    • I usually wear black glasses as they tend to go with everything. I just bought a pair of red Valentino ones and they are actually really nice 🙂 I have worn glasses since I was about 3ish so i deffo wore them before they were cool haha

      • That’s great, I like different coloured glasses! I had some with a blue bit once that really brought out the colour of my eyes. Current ones are a monochrome tortoiseshell look though. Do you have more than one pair of glasses at the same time so you can change with your outfit?

      • I didn’t have up until recently. I used to wear my contact lenses a lot but now I wear my glasses more. Being short sighted means glasses make my eyes look quite small which a downside

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