Why women love high heels

It’s not unusal to see groups of women tottering around on a night out in eye-wateringly high heels. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that are about 7 inches high with two inch platform that look utterly ridiculous. These are the exact same women who you see at the end of night carrying the shoes while walking home with their aching feet. I don’t see the purpose of them because it surely isn’t providing any benefit for their feet and back, since wearing high heels for a prolong time actually causes more problems than it solves. It isn’t attractive when you see a woman in a pair of heels that she can barely walk in. Then again appearance comes before comfort for some women

High heels and fashion go hand in hand seemingly with women who are fashion conscious and think nothing of putting on a pair of 5 inch heels daily because they are so used to it. Women spend so much money on shoes that they will probably only end wearing for half the night and then end up either barefoot or in flat shoes. Wearing high heels gives the illusion of having longer legs and also tones your legs to make them more shapely.

Although I wear high heels myself I don’t wear heels that are so high I would probably break my neck in them. As much I love heels I do have my limits. I would rather not have to walk slowly in heels because instead of making you look sexy, they just make you look stupid. What gets me is celebrities that wear these skyscraper heels when pregnant. Added to the strain of carrying a baby they also add the straun of wearing high heels. These women are crazy. Victoria Beckham is a prize example of a woman who wears heels all the time. If she is seen in flat shoes it’s a rarity.

Victoria Beckham at 9 months pregnant

Women wear high heels to not only give them extra height but to also give them that self confidence boost that high heels bring. Yes those skyscraper heels might look nice but they won’t be nice when you are hobbling in agony back home.


3 thoughts on “Why women love high heels

      • Indeed! I love wearing heels, but when I know I will have to run or walk a lot, it’s just a no go, I still value my health more than fashion 🙂

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