Just when you thought Tom Six couldn’t get any weirder…

There has been no official trailer released for the movie as Tom Six tends to keep the details of what happens in this trilogy very secret and under wraps. Now i am going to assume that you have either seen or heard about the other two films ‘Human Centipede: The First Sequence’ and ‘Human Centipede: The Full Sequence’. The final installment in this trilogy is to be entitled ‘Human Centipede: The Final Sequence’. If you haven’t heard or seen the film this post will contain spoilers about both of films. The final movie will feature Dieter Laser who played the villan in the first film. Laurence R Harvey who is the villain from the second film and also Tom Six himself. The filming of the final film has been delayed as Dieter Laser and Tom Six are arguing over the script and the producers are rumoured to have started legal action. The film is apparently going to have 500+ people in the ‘centipede’ which is slight stomach-turning.

The Human Centipede films were brought to our attention in 2010. The poster had the tagline ‘Their flesh is his fantasy’. A crazed doctor who was well known for seperating siamese twins wants to create a human centipede by stitching them mouth to anus. In the film he describes the process (although we never see it) as the three tourists that he captured are tied to hospital beds and scream in terror. I think the fact that we never see the actual operation means that in our imagination we make our own assumptions and that’s what made this film as infamous as it has become. It is less gory than most horror films because there is little gore. It’s more the thought of someone actually doing that to three people that makes it slightly stomach turning.

If you were sickened by the first one, the second one is even worse. The film focuses on a mentally disabled man who s played fantastically by Laurence R Harvey. He is obsessed with the first film and has a desire to make his own human centipede, this time with a total of TWELVE people. he obviously has no medical experience so he collects a variety of tools including duct, a staple gun and a hammer. He slowly starts abducting them and then starts creating his human centipede. The victims of these horrible experiment include a neighbour, two drunk girls and a pregnant woman It was originally banned in the UK by the BBFC, however it was given an 18 certificate after 32 cuts were made. The film ends how is starts, with Martin in his toll booth watching the film so it is left the audience to decide whether the events were real or whether they were all in Martin’s head. When I finally brought myself to watch the film, I watched it in HD which I slightly regret. Although the film was extremely gruesome and at times I had to hide behind my hands, Tom Six out did himself from the first movie.

When the third one gets released sometime in 2013 I can guess it most definitely will be banned over here in the UK. When Tom Six said the second one ‘would make the first one look like a Disney film’ I got slightly worried. I dread to think what the third one is going to be like. At least we can all sleep safely in our beds knowing that the sick joke that is the human centipede has come to an end.


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