Seems fashion rules all

At every award ceremony and film premier you see the press and news reporters there trying to get photos and interviews of all the stars. However in my opinion it seems that whatever awards ceremony it is or film premiere it is it is always overshadowed by what the celebrities are wearing, what designer they are wearing, the hits and misses etc. It takes away from what they are actually there to do which is to promote a film or attend an awards ceremony. The paparazzi are only interested in the fashion of these celebrities

The most recent of these type of events was the Billboard Music Awards. In the newspapers and online there was little coverage of what the actual ceremony was and who won etc but there were many articles on the what the celebrities wore and who attended. The articles passed judgement on each outfit. Surely the event is more important that the clothes you have on your back. Although I am sure the fashion designers love events like this where celebrities descend in their droves dripping in designer gowns, suits and shoes. It’s just publicity for their designs. On the Daily Mail website there were SEVEN article articles on the different fashion that different celebrities wore.

Film premieres are also full of celebrities in designer labels. Whenever there is a major film premiere although there is large coverage of the film itself due to the amount of marketing that often goes into most films. An example of this is the 2011 film premier of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II where Emma Watson wore a statement dress. Obviously it was the end of film era so she thought she would make a statement with her dress. News articles were then posted simply about the dress she wore.

People become obsessed with what the celebrities wore. It gets boring very quickly. They should focus on the event that they are covering more than the clothes on the celebrities.


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