What’s the obsession?

Nowadays it seems that every time a new boyband comes on the music scene or a new male pop singer it turns the tween and teenage girls of this nation into absolute nutcases. Plastering their walls with posters of these boys and turning up to any events they are at even of they are appearing for just five minutes. These ‘celebrities’ can’t even go to an airport without these girls mobbing them and screaming in joy. It doesn’t just stop there with boybands and singers, male celebrities get mobbed aswell. At most film premiers the crowd is filled with fans wanting to get an autograph or a signed picture just so they can say they have met him. These girls seem to forget that these people that they absolutely idolise and assume they are going to marry (believe me they most probably aren’t) are actually just human beings.

I get the whole wanting to have something to fantasise over but there is a limit as to what is normal and what is just plain annoying or weird. Most common among these young girls is having their Twitter name as MrsJustinBieber. It’s not cool and unique cos there are millions of girls out there that have similar twitter names.

The worrying thing about Justin Bieber’s real Twitter account is that he has over 12 million followers whereas Barack Obama has only just over 9 million followers. It’s worrying when a baby faced teenager has more followers on Twitter than the President of the United States. On Twitter it always seems that either Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers or One Direction is trending.¬†Speaking of One Direction they are another group that have hoardes of fans. Ever since they were manufactured by Simon Cowell on X Factor in 2010 they have become the crush of many a teenage girl. The reason they were put together was mainly because they looked good and Cowell knew they would appeal to the female audience. The fans even go so far as to label themselves so that people know that they are a hardcore fans. Examples of said behaviour are Justin Bieber fans calling themselves ‘Beliebers’ or Lady GaGa fans calling themselves ‘Little Monsters’. Devout fans of Lady GaGa even call her ‘Mother Monster’. Even Britney Spears has some devout followers that were there when she went a bit off the rails and decided to shave her head etc. One devout fan by the name of Chris Crocker even made a video on YouTube when Britney went a bit crazy. It got over 43 million hits.

What gets me is that all these girls are obsessed with these celebrities but if it was a man doing it to a young female singer then it would be considered creepy. The reason for this is that it’s more socially acceptable and well documented that girls to obsess over pop culture. It seems to me that these girls who idolise all these celebrites and get all emotional when they meet them or go to all their concerts etc just want to part of the celebrity culture and be popular amongst at least one group of people. Sometimes I wonder what these people will be like when the person they are obsessing over isn’t in the spotlight anymore.


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