Here begins the Jubilee weekend

So as the UK gets ready to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee for the next four days it seems that the UK has been hit with Jubilee Fever. Some of the houses nearby decked out with Union Jack bunting. My mother even saw someone who had decorated their mobility scooter! Although hanging the Union Jack on your house to celebrate this wondrous occasion seems relatively normal there are other ways that the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has forever been remembered. Forget your tea-towels and mugs, this range of memorabilia is a tad…strange


The figurine is available from and it has a solar panel on it which enables the figurine to perform the royal wave.  At least this souvenir has a head unlike the ice cream scoop which is available from several different retailers. Now you can stick the Queen in some ice cream (well an ice cream version of her)

Tea with the Queen anyone? These novelty tea bags mean that you can have tea with the Queen anytime you fancy a cuppa. Well you can dunk her in your tea which is sort of like having tea with the Queen except she’s casually sitting in your cup.

Eggs-ellent: These egg cups feature the Queen doing cycling, weightlifting, hurdling and diving. Something tells me that one would not engage in such activites

No doubt as the preparations for the Diamond Jubilee concerts are finished London will be absolutely heaving with people wanting to celebrate 60 years of Queen Elizabeth being on the throne. The star-studded concert includes stars such as Annie Lennox, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Ed Sheeran, Elton John, JLS, Jessie J, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder.

Although these weird and wacky souvenirs are interesting I’d much rather stick with a mug and a tea towel thanks.


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