Aberystwyth…the world without traffic wardens

Last year the seaside town of Aberystwyth, Wales decided to get rid of their traffic wardens for a year. This caused a parking pandemonium within the town. People were able to park anywhere. And I mean literally anywhere. Well there was nobody to stop them was there? There were people parking on double yellow lines, disabled parking bays etc. I saw many examples of bad parking. This park anywhere crisis was only made worse by the hot weather. Hot weather and Aberystwyth means that everyone with a car was trying to find a space to park on the seafront. I know that everyone hates traffic wardens and many Aberystwyth residents have complained about the over zealous traffic wardens. So the best solution was the get rid of the traffic wardens. Right? Seems that people have lost all ability to act responsibilty. Bedlam then ensued in this tiny town and what is shame is that there was nothing that could be done about it

The one thing that was slightly worrying about people parking in any spare space they could find is that the streets of Aberystwyth aren’t that wide so if people are double parked it often made it difficult for cars to come down these streets. The seafront was always packed with cars, whether it was hot weather or not. One group of people that have been rather annoyed by the abscence of traffic wardens is that many of the loading bays have been obstructed by someone carelessly parking their car infront of the loading bay. I mean I know the traffic wardens are absent but seems that many of these people also have no common sense. I am very surpirised that there have been no accidents with some of atrocious parking, people are parking on corners of streets and junctions.Why did Ceredigion Council think it would be a good idea to get rid of the 3 traffic wardens in such a small town which during term time is mostly populated by students? Mental. At least when the traffic wardens were here people had some common sense to not park illegally (well some people). It has been reported that some people have even come to blows over a parking space. i mean, seriously, it’s a bit of road for you to park your car on.

I am very glad that they have returned because then maybe some order will be restored in this little Welsh seaside town. There aren’t enough legal car parking spaces in Aberystwyth to fit all the cars in. Even though there are several long stay car parks these are often full. Seems that the ability to park wherever you want infact has resulted in not being able to park anywhere


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