Psycho is a film for film makers


Alfred Hitchcock is known as the giant of film. He lived up to his reputation of a Hollywood heavy weight in both his skill and also his girth. Having produced such incredible films as ‘Psycho’ and ‘The Birds’ in 2013 a film about the making of Psycho is to be released.

Now I’m not a lover of the ‘making of’ behind the scenes about a film but admittedly this one looks rather interesting. I am indeed a fan of the film but I wouldn’t say I’m a fangirl, I just think the way it was created was absolutely amazing and just shows that you don’t need to have excessive gore in horror film for it to be classed as a horror film like so many nowadays

Throughout the years many actors have played the famous director but this time the veteran actor Anthony Hopkins is to be transformed into Hitchcock. The other members of the cast are Helen Mirren (Alma Hitchcock), Scarlett Johannson (Janet Leigh), James D’Arcy (Anthony Perkins), Jessica Biel (Vera Miles), Wallace Langham (Saul Bass) and Ralph Macchio (Joe Stefano)

I do think that it will be interesting to watch this film about the making of such a famous film. However, if they go down the route of doing it like how you see making ofs on the DVD extras then that may ruin it so hopefully that won’t happen


It seems that Hitchcock famous phrase ‘Psycho is a film for filmmakers’ is rather appropriate at this time


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