And so the Twilight saga comes to a close

The end of the Twilight will come as a sad event for many. The teenage girls with ‘Team Edward’ on their faces. The teenage boys who just learnt how to copy R-Patz hairstyle. The adults who have yet to discover that if you disguise your copy of Twilight with a different dust cover that you would get less weird looks on the train. Taylor Lautner who hasn’t worn a shirt in three years

But, still, the end of this saga has come to a close. The final installment, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is set to be realeased this year. The first glimpse that we had of Breaking Dawn was the teaser trailer which was only 1 minute 19 seconds long. Let’s see what the trailer actually consists of…

The trailer begins with an establishing shot. This establishes that the film is set in the middle of freaking nowhere. You could say that this shot provides a lot of insight into the story, the mountains represent R-Patz’s immortality of him being a vampire and that the green trees represent Kristen’s youth. Or not. All this tells us that the film isn’t quite finished, if it was the trailer would at least be two minutes long. There were probably hardcore fans who were waiting for that trailer and made a big fuss of it. Sigh. It’s a minute of my life I’ll never get back

In Breaking Dawn – Part 1 we are reminded of the marriage between Edward and Bella. In true vampire-human marriage style the ring was something that even the bling obsessed person probably wouldn’t wear.

The first glimpse of Kristen Stewart that we see is her running. We don’t know why she is running. Is she being chased? Is she chasing someone? No doubt we will find out by the end of the trailer but for now it is clear that things have changed since the first film. Well whatever has happened to Kristen Stewart has caused Taylor Lautner to put a shirt on (finally). In every other trailer he’s been shirtless so him being fully dressed for once but come as a disappointment to the teenage girls. Something must be seriously wrong if Taylor Lautner is actually fully dressed for once. At least R-Patz is still the same. He’s still as sparkly and pallid as ever.

I for one am glad that this mega-franchise is over. The film-makers and actors have made an absolute fortune from both the films and mass amounts of merchandise that have been produced since the first film. At least with the ending of this sage means one thing. We won’t have to put u with Kristen Stewart’s emotionless face anymore. It doesn’t take much to smile, she always looks so miserable. No doubt it will make millions in the box office simply because there is a built in audience to this film so the film-makers know exactly the way to get the teenage girls into the cinema. It’s a shame that making a film nowadays has become more about how much they can make in profit rather than the film itself


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