Snow White And The Huntsman Review



Snow White and the Hunstman has one preliminary problem: it was released right after Mirror Mirror. There has a been a new version of Snow White brought to the big screen about ever 10 years since its debut release in 1902. How much of a need is there for another version just a few months after the last one was released in theatres?

Mirror Mirror is a family-friendly film whereas Snow White and the Huntsman is a darker representation of this children’s fairytale. This darker representation has been carefully marketed towards a teen audience. The film has a thinly veiled vampire theme so Twilight fans will be enticed into watching it. Another way in which this film also appeals to the teen demographic is that Chris Hemsworth who played Thor in the Marvel Comics franchise.

It is Charlize Theron’s performance as Queen Ravenna in this film that makes this film in my opinion. She executes the part of the evil queen very well, she retains her number 1 status by literally draining all the youth from her competition. The narcistic Queen keeps Snow White in the dungeon with the full intent to drain her of her youth when she becomes of age. Somehow the young girl escapes and takes refuge in the forest.

While Snow White plunges down a mountaintop plunge which is reminiscent of Harrison Ford’s iconic scene in The Fugitive, the evil queen dispatches Eric the huntsman to track down and kill Snow White. His intentions change once he sets eyes upon her and soon realizes how evil Queen Ravenna truly is

The film, directed by Rupert Sanders, falls emotionally flat on its face. The film relies way too heavily on special effects, none of while are amazingly impressive. The films fails to measure up to Mirror Mirror, despite Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart’s appearances in this film. The only good thing about this film is Charlize Theron’s performance in this film. The film is a rehash of Snow White designed to exploit the latest trend of vampire films.


One thought on “Snow White And The Huntsman Review

  1. I totally agree with you, I was disappointed by this movie, except for the performance of Charlize Theron and her costumes, both were amazing! I wrote about them on my blog as well, I was so frustrated that a movie with such promising act(h)ors and storyline could fall so flat.

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