The Cat Is Back

The cat is back

Top Cat movie is a rather low budget take on a classic series. Although the animation is good and proves that 2D animation isn’t dead yet after the rise on 3D films. This is the only good thing about this film, the jokes that are used have been recycled from the original series so it feels a bit ‘old hat’ in my opinion.

The storyline of the film is riddled with plot holes. I get that some TV or book series are able to be adapted but Top Cat is not one of these. It runs out of steam quite quickly. Transforming a 20 minute show into a 90 minute film means that often the story loses track. Although just because something is low budget doesn’t mean that it is bad such as Looney Tunes, they have their own charm about them. Some of the characters in the film appear in a scene, without any indication as to why they are there and then they disppear again without and indication to this.

In my opinion the writers of Top Cat wanted to make a film that had the same familiarity as the Garfield movies but this idea did not exactly work. I watched Top Cat when I was a child and loved the series, seeing it been made into a film has sort of ruined Top Cat for me. I’m sure that the film will find its fans, however, if you aren’t a fan of old cartoon series then I would advise that you do not watch this film or if you love Top Cat then this film may ruin Top Cat


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