Reclaim To Wear makes recycling old clothes cool

Remember when recycling your old clothes meant getting other family members hand-me-downs? Well that horror has been made a distant memory in the form of Reclaim To Wear. Don’t have any idea what it is? Well let me inform you about the concept. It takes the idea of reworking surplus material from the production of other clothing into something completly different and edgy.

The concept was originally only available from the fashion label From Somewhere but now the high street store has teamed up with the fashion label to create a fashion from their surplus stock of jersey, cotton and denim to create a summer range that is not only unique and up to date but are also eco friendly. The company was set up 1997 by Orsola De Castro and Filippo Ricci. Topshop are not the only collaboration they have done over the years that RTW has been in business. They have also done collaborations with Speedo, Hong Kong Design Institute and Central St Martins students. They use the surplus stock of the products they make to create capsule wardrobe pieces that are funky and individual. The biggest upside of RTW is that the textile industry is one of the biggest contributors to landfill sites so recycling all the surplus means that the amount of textiles that are thrown into landfill sites is dramatically reduced.


The RTW idea is probably the best idea the fashion industry has had for a while. I think the whole concept is brillant as not only re fashionable clothes being made but they are also reducing the carbon footprint that the textile industry produces. Reclaim To Wear makes recycling clothes cool.


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