So the saga continues

If you haven’t heard the latest news about the TomKat saga, where have you been? Living under a stone most probably. It wasn’t really that much of a shock.

The rumour mill has been going into overdrive with reasons as to why Katie decided to end the marriage to Tom. One of the biggest reasons that has been put forward is of course Scientology. Tom apparently wanted Suri to be raised Scientology and Katie objected to her daughter being raised that way. The only reason this story has been given so much news coverage is that they are seen as one of the super-couples and of course us fame-obsessed mortals want to get all the gossip on their lives. In the New York Times 7 pages was dedicated to the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. In recent weeks it has come to light that Katie will have full custody of Suri although Tom will have visitation rights she will stay with her mother. So Cruise has chosen his relgiion over his own daughter? Nice one!

If Tom was a normal member of Scientology he would have been told to cut off all contact with Katie and Suri but due to the fact that he is such a high-profile celebrity obviously this cannot be done as it would cause even more furore. Even from the beginning of their relationship I’ve thought Cruise was a strange man. He did jump up and down on a sofa during an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show…

Holmes filed for divorce anonomously so that it would be harder for journalists to track the divorce. Even though this has happen many journalists have reported on details about the divorce. Maybe becoming one half of a super-couple wasn’t the best idea was it? Not only has she got full custody of Suri but because of their pre-nup she will also get $15 million from Cruise. So she gets $3 million dollars a year to look after Suri and herself. Well Suri needs to be kept in designer clothes y’know ‘cos she is little diva.

Another benefit that Holmes has made from this divorce is that her fashion line has become more popular. So just because Katie has ditched her slightly nutty husband that immediately makes her clothes better? Errr ok.

P&O cruises also made a rather disgusting ad that was exploited the TomKat divorce:

Wow talk about rubbing salt in the wound.

If TomKat weren’t a super couple then the press wouldn’t be document every little detail of the divorce. It’s like watching Big Brother “Day 12 of the TomKat divorce”


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