Well haven’t you grown up rather quickly?

You see it all the time in soaps. Children in soaps often start when they are quite young and they often grow up in the show. Although sometimes they want to speed up the ageing of the character in the show. Eastenders is a prime example of this. When the first actor who played Ben Mitchell the character was around 14 in 2010 and when he returned only a few months later he was replaced with another actor and suddenly he had aged about 3 years in the space of a few months and had also shot up. i get that getting a new actor is easier than having the same actor. It is often done when the shows writers and producers want that character to have more grown up storylines so they bring in an older actor so that the viewers don’t get outraged about the storyline.

Some of these storylines admittedly are so confusing and have so many twists and turns it’s hard to keep up with the storylines sometimes. One thing that does annoy me about a lot of soaps is that they drag out storylines for months. In the end people stop caring about certain storylines. Another trick they do is that when certain characters aren’t getting a lot of attention they recycle one of their old storylines such as the whole Phil Mitchell being an alcoholic storyline. Soaps are now so far from real life they might as well be in outerspace. To me nowadays soaps are so boring and they often recycle storylines with different characters. A lot of the time characters aren’t in it for long, for example I watched an episode of EastEnders recently and I didn’t know who half the characters were. Eastenders is the biggest offender of this crime. They have changed the actress who used to play Lucy Beale to a more grown up version – is it just me or did when Melissa Sutcliffe became a teenager she never seemed to age that much – and also with the actress who played Lauren Branning. They also brought Dirty Den back from the dead!

If the writers actually want to make a soap interesting and make the viewers actually tune in and watch it then make the storylines half believable. Some of them yes are believable, others it’s like are you actually for real. Every single soap to me seems sort of the same. I would rather watch paint dry than watch soaps these days (and that’s saying something)


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