So apparently the Olympics are here

As everyone knows there is a little sporting event going on at the moment called the Olympics. As a British person I dread the Olympics coming to London. Although many people saw it as a delight I saw it as train delays and London becoming even more manic than it was before the Olympics arrived in London. In fact Canary Wharf station has become an exit only station and they were predicting 2 hour queues to get into the station.

Saying that the Washington Post published an article about the opening ceremony on Friday calling it ‘boring’. Yeah cos the ceremony had no action in it at all? Mitt Romney rubbed Boris Johnson and David Cameron up the wrong way when he questioned if London was ready to host the Olympics. Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was quoted as saying “Mitt Romney wondered aloud whether London was ready for the Olympics, and I think it’s clear that voters in this country wonder aloud whether Mitt Romney is ready for the world, and I think the world is not yet ready for Mitt Romney,” Gibbs also said that Romney’s remarks were “embarrassing for our country”.

Of course if you hold it in one of the most active and busiest cities in the world it’s going to get busy but I don’t see why London were so desperate to get the chance to host it. Did they not think ‘hold on London is so built and busy that this cause a small problem’. This small problem being the millions and millions of pounds it has cost and also the disruptions to public transport? People do still have to get to work y’know. It would have been easier if the main events had been held outside of London.

Another thing that annoys me about the Olympics is the BBC coverage just says ‘Olympics 2012’. It doesn’t divide it up into what event is being shown which would have made more sense to be honest. The merchandise has also started to be produced with endless pieces of merchandise you can purchase such as t-shirts, mugs etc.

There has been such hype over the fact that the Olympics are coming to London, although there have been so many empty seats. I think people have realised that you can watch the Olympics from the comfort of your own home without having to trek to London and pay for a seat.


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