Shades of deep red dominated the runways of Autumn/Winter.  Burgundy. Also known as Maroon, Oxblood, Port, etc. this color is everywhere right now and designers are offering up some hot pieces in various shades of the hue. These warm shades are a nice transition from the summer colours without having to make the drastic change to black.

It is an easy colour to wear and can be worn day or night. There is such a large amount of burgundy  for the fall 2012 season out there, it is important to not go overboard and tonal with burgundy. Burgundy should be one piece of an ensemble for the fall season. Even though burgundy is a very easy to colour to wear there are some things to consider when deciding what shade is suitable for you. If you are fair skinned then stay away from almost-black reds all they will suck all the colour out of you and make you look extremely pale. You can pretty much wear it in the same way you would wear black – another big autumn trend. A little burgundy dress worn with black accessories is just as elegant as the classic little black dress. You can also try teaming dark red with tan accessories which will give you a more casual look, perfect for getting claret into your look now and taking it through to winter.

I’m not normally one to jump on the band wagon and follow fashion trends but I’ve gotta say I really like this colour trend. It’s a versatile colour and everyone can wear it –  which is always a bonus!


Blazers are the new t-shirts

Blazers are the new t-shirts. I’m not saying go out with just the blazer and no shirt because you might get funny looks. What I mean is that they have become a staple of a woman’s wardrobe as much as the tee has. The blazer is utterly timeless and there are so many styles out there that there is something to suit everyone.

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Bit of advice for high street stores

Ever walked into a store, found something really nice and found that they don’t do it in your size? I bet many people have. Most high street stores are guilty of not stocking clothing in sizes above a 16. With the average size woman being a size 14 there aren’t many choices on the high street for the larger lady. The only high street store that solely caters to the larger figure is Evans.

There are no store on the high street that covers all three of these areas. TopShop, Dorothy Perkins and Wallis all have a petite range but no plus size range. New Look does have a plus size range but the only other clothes available are in standard sizes. Sometimes the main ranges do fit me but if there is a petite range then I will often check that out first. There are few online sites that stock both petite and plus size clothing alongside the main range. The only two that I know of is ASOS and Forever21 and considering how many online stores there are that isn’t exactly brilliant.

TopShop only stock up a size 16. I mean I get that the store stocks very on trend and fashionable clothes but larger women do want to look fashionable aswell. Another thing that annoys me is that I find something nice in the main range, it doesn’t fit so I try and see if they have a petite version and they don’t! Only a few pieces are in both the main and petite ranges. Most shops are actually alienating many women by not stocking clothes above a size 16. Just because they are curvy doesn’t mean they don’t want to look nice. I guess most high street stores just cater to smaller women and forget the ladies who above the average size. Debenhams is actually the only store in the high street that actually stocks petite and plus size clothing so kudos to Debenhams.

I don’t see what so bad about what is so bad about most high street stores stocking more petite and plus size ranges. These women do exsist but many popular high street stores don’t seem to acknowledge this

Peplum perfect

So the most recent trend in the fashion world for this season is the peplum. it’s been seen on dresses, jackets, skirts and tops. Now the peplum is kinda hard to pull off. You don’t want to end up looking like a valance and that is not attractive. If worn right they can look very flattering

I’m not usually one to follow all the latest but I thought I was try this one out. Here’s a tip: always try on more than one and in different shops because different shops cut the fabrics in different ways (I learnt this in Dorothy Perkins)

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It’s ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother time…

It’s that time of the year again! No not Christmas but Celebrity Big Brother stumbled back onto our screens on Wednesday. Everyone from soap stars Julie Goodyear and Cheryl Fergison, to Page 3 model Rhian Sugden and Jasmine Lennard, Olympic athlete Ashley McKenzie, rapper MC Harvey and even a prince made the cut this year.

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Gaga’s gravity defying shoes hit the high street

Lady Gaga is known for her rather outlandish outfits. She often wears things that on a normal person would look ridiculous but somehow she can pull it off. This also includes heel-less shoes. In fact she loves these shoes so much that she owns 14 pairs of these rather strange looking shoes

It isn’t just the fashion-eccentric Lady Gaga that is sporting these heel-less shoes. They have been seen on other stars such as Amy Childs, Victoria Beckham and Sarah Harding. Now you can own a pair too.

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Geek Glasses…just why?

No doubt everyone has heard about these geek glasses. Geek glasses – incase you are the select few that have no idea what they are – are black oversized glasses that either have lenses in or sometimes not. They are extremely popular with girls (almost as common as the duck face) although the one group of people that can be seen wearing these glasses the most are hipsters.

What gets me is that these girls look ridiculous in my opinion. The glasses are way too big for their face and so many of them think they are cool. They aren’t. Most of these girls have perfect vision so they have no reason to wear these stupid glasses. They do it just to fit in. If these girls really had bad eyesight and had to have prescription glasses I can guarantee they wouldn’t wear these oversized glasses.  People used to get teased if they wore these type of glasses but now because they are ‘in’ fashion people flock to them.