Victoria’s Secret hits the UK

Last week the American underwear brand Victoria’s Secret hit the UK as it opened it’s first store in Westfields Stratford. There will be no huge opening ceremony with oodles of celebs are press coverage. That priveledge is being reserved for the opening of the second UK store in New Bond Street which will happen in the next few weeks. At this opening the bells and whistles will all be firmly attached and also the famous Victoria Secret ‘Angels’ will be there. The entrance of this all-American woman wonderland will hopefully bring a breath of fresh air to the British lingerie industry

I think that the lingerie brand is perfectly suited for this country because the British consumer already know about the brand. It’s main competitor La Senza might feel a bit overshadowed by the introduction of Victoria’s Secret to the UK. In the US it is seen as a high street brand and in the UK it is aiming to do the same by opening in the designer label laden New Bond Street. The brand could be both seen as high street and high end because of the variety of prices. Victoria’s Secret follows in the footsteps of Abercrombie and Fitch who also opened a store on the historic street Saville Row in 2007

So what can we expect from the brand?

The reputation of the brand precedes it so we already have expectations of the brand before the store even opened. We already know that the brand’s trademark colour is pink, the range of bras they sell, the fact that they called knickers ‘panties’ (this word said in a British accent just sounds weird). Now we all know what the company’s main marketing strategy is – the Victoria’s Secret ‘Angels’. These ‘Angels’ are a select group of super beautiful women which include Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio and Lily Aldrige. The group has previously included Gisele Bundchen and Heidi Klum.

The Angels also sell us the dream that if we put on one of their boob boosting bras we will look like them. OK so we won’t magically transform into Miranda Kerr but a girl can dream can’t she? We are able to get our hands on a wide variety of bras they sell which range from ‘Bombshell’ to ‘Showstopper’. All the bras have one thing in common they are design to boost cleavage, whether it be just a slight lift or bras that make your cup size go up 2 sizes. The range of ‘panties’ they have is equally vast which range from ‘Cheekies’ to ‘Hip Huggers’.

The Victoria’s Secret brand does not just stop at bras and panties – oh no!. They sell, nightwear, clothing, swimwear and also a range of beauty products. There’s event a limited edition perfume called Victoria’s Secret London which captures ‘the beauty and romance of the city’

The one thing I do like about Victoria’s Secret is the fact that even though the bras and panties are on show they have drawers with other sizes in if you can’t find your size on the hangers. This concept has now been transferred to the lingerie brand Boux Avenue. Hopefully the introduction of Victoria’s Secret will mean that British men might actually not feel embarrassed buying their other half nice lingerie. There isn’t much choice on the high street to buy fancy underwear – apart from La Senza – that isn’t really expensive. Plus we are a sucker for the ‘Angels’


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