ANTM goes back to college

America’s New Top Model has gone back to college. In the newest season of ANTM the contestants will all be from colleges all over the US. Over this summer we were introduced to the 13 women that were competing to become America’s Next Top Model. Over the summer viewers have been able to vote on which women they prefer via a social networking platform. These scores will help Tyra and the other judges decide who stays and who goes

That is not the only change in the show. Tyra Banks has replaced all of the other judges on the show (Nigel BarkerJ. AlexanderJay Manuel) with international male model Rob Evans and Kelly Cutrone. Jay Manuel’s place will be taken by Johnny Wujek who is “stylist to the stars, including Katy Perry”. He will guide the models through their photo shoots. Fashion blogger BryanBoy also joins Tyra’s crew who will guide the models through their online feedback including comments and feedback from the viewers which will be shown during the eliminations

Even though the show doesn’t premier until the end of this month do we already know who has been eliminated first? Throughout the summer the viewers have been voting and we have been shown many photoshoots featuring only 12 of the girls. However during the first ever photoshoot it featured 13 girls and when the girls posed with Rob the next week there were only 12 of the girls. So has the first elimination already been ruined?

Meet the girls:








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