My ‘glowing’ opinion of TOWIE

What do you think of when you hear the word Essex? The amount of green fields we have? The several country parks we have? No the first thing that springs to many people’s mind when they word Essex is that show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’.The types that are portrayed can be seen hanging around the likes of Sugar Hut etc but day to day Essex people are nowhere near as shallow as they are portrayed in this rubbish programme. It is set in a rather small part of Essex and it has made people think that everyone that comes from Essex is like that. I can assure you they aren’t. It also prortrays that all girls from Essex are really shallow and always plaster themselves in make-up and wear extremely short dresses. The show has also spawned several other shows such as Geordie Shore, Desperate Scousewives and The Only Way Is Marbs.

The one main horror that has come from this show is the amazing amount of Joey Essex clones that appear on the streets. They all have the same hairstyle and all dress the same. Yeah because that’s so original. They think they look cool but in fact they look absolutely ridiculous. Some of these boys you see must only be about 11 or 12.

There is disputing that The Only Way Is Essex has become a phenomenon. The stars have become the topic of many tabloid news stories. It is mean to be a fly-on-the-wall documentary but it’s just so staged it would give Jerry Springer a run for its money (and that’s saying something!)

What gets me is that girls find Joey Essex absolutely irrestible. So the orange tan, insanely white teeth is attractive? It might just be me that doesn’t find tan on blokes attractive but I somehow don’t think I am. All of the blokes on this show are about as vain as the girls on the show.

I’d rather have a country boy over a Joey Essex look a like thank you very much


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