Must be duck shooting season

You have probably seen loads of these girls on Facebook posing and making themselves look slightly deformed. The “Duck Face” is also known as the “MySpace face”. It is an expression that is made by the girl pressing her lips together in the shape of a duck bill. It is seen on mostly teenage girls.

The duckface trend started to appear once social networking site became popular. The launch of MySpace in 2003 meant that these photos were often the common photo used on many girls MySpace photo. In 2006 UrbanDictionary posted the first definition of the duckface:

How to Create the “Perfect” Duckface

  1. Attempt to pout.
  2. Make an unattractive kissy face.
  3. Make peace sign (optional).
  4. For best results, go to a bathroom mirror.
  5. Take picture.
  6. Congrats! You’re a duckface

I don’t see why girls think this face is attractive. It is the complete opposite. It makes you look absolutely stupid and for some reason these girls don’t see it. Guys aren’t going to think you are attractive if in nearly all your photos you are doing that ridiculous duck face. Are you unable to smile for once?


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