Geek Glasses…just why?

No doubt everyone has heard about these geek glasses. Geek glasses – incase you are the select few that have no idea what they are – are black oversized glasses that either have lenses in or sometimes not. They are extremely popular with girls (almost as common as the duck face) although the one group of people that can be seen wearing these glasses the most are hipsters.

What gets me is that these girls look ridiculous in my opinion. The glasses are way too big for their face and so many of them think they are cool. They aren’t. Most of these girls have perfect vision so they have no reason to wear these stupid glasses. They do it just to fit in. If these girls really had bad eyesight and had to have prescription glasses I can guarantee they wouldn’t wear these oversized glasses.  People used to get teased if they wore these type of glasses but now because they are ‘in’ fashion people flock to them.


6 thoughts on “Geek Glasses…just why?

  1. this is an opinion of a person who wears jeans and polos whole life and prefers to stay normal and no way to look a bit more different, just because some people have no confidence and understanding of wearing those glasses, the only thing they can do is mock others,RRx

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