Gaga’s gravity defying shoes hit the high street

Lady Gaga is known for her rather outlandish outfits. She often wears things that on a normal person would look ridiculous but somehow she can pull it off. This also includes heel-less shoes. In fact she loves these shoes so much that she owns 14 pairs of these rather strange looking shoes

It isn’t just the fashion-eccentric Lady Gaga that is sporting these heel-less shoes. They have been seen on other stars such as Amy Childs, Victoria Beckham and Sarah Harding. Now you can own a pair too.

The heel-less shoe is popping up in many stores and many young fashionistas will be eager to snap up a pair of these unusual shoes so they can look their idols.

Office and Chinese Laindry are among the companies that are producting these shoes that start from £80. The person behind these wacky shoes is Japanese designer Noritaka Tatehana and the platforms are between 10 and 18 inches tall. Her many appearances on television wearing these shoes has meant that Tatehana has become a bit of a fashion star and some of his shoes sell for $15,000


My opinion? I think they look absolutely ridiculous, I don’t see how they can be comfortable to wear at all. I won’t be one of these girls purchasing a pair of these shoes simply because Amy Childs has a pair. I’ll stick to shoes that actually have a heel thanks.


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