Peplum perfect

So the most recent trend in the fashion world for this season is the peplum. it’s been seen on dresses, jackets, skirts and tops. Now the peplum is kinda hard to pull off. You don’t want to end up looking like a valance and that is not attractive. If worn right they can look very flattering

I’m not usually one to follow all the latest but I thought I was try this one out. Here’s a tip: always try on more than one and in different shops because different shops cut the fabrics in different ways (I learnt this in Dorothy Perkins)

The unique aspect of a peplum is that it merely sharpens the already existing shape of the body. It’s not done with additional padding or layering of fabrics, but it’s the frill or flounce that comes down the waist and sits just above the hips, that directs the silhouette.

Probably the easiest way to style a peplum top is wear it with skinny trousers or jeans because it slimlines the figure. With a peplum skirt I would team it with a plain top if the peplum is multicoloured or a multicoloured top if the peplum is one colour.

I decided to venture into TopShop and into Dorothy Perkins to try on peplum tops. I had seen both of them online and they look decent enough in the pictures. I firstly tried on the Dorothy Perkins one which looked nice on the hanger but when I tried it on it was a completely different story. Instead of flattering me it was so baggy and the peplum did look like a valance. If they had in the size down it might have been ok but alas they didn’t. My next stop was TopShop, I don’t normally buy a lot from TopShop because I can’t really justify spending £25 on a t-shirt. This peplum top however was £18 so I thought I would try it on. It fitted really nicely and the peplum was cut a lot higher than the one I tried on previously so it was more flattering to my body. It was also made out of a slightly thicker material unlike the Dorothy Perkins one which was a really stretchy jersey type material. I was disappointed with Dorothy Perkins as normally their size 8 clothes fit me but this time this was not the case.

There are many peplum pieces that I have seen that I have taken a liking to such as:

 (£45 – Dorothy Perkins)

 (£80 – Oasis)

Fear not ladies the peplum will still be big in the autumn so you don’t need to put your peplum items away just yet. As the temperature drops the best way to incorporate the peplum trend is a peplum style jacket with slim layers underneath. Also fabrics such as wool or leather.

Finally a trend that will fit women whatever their body shape


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