Blazers are the new t-shirts

Blazers are the new t-shirts. I’m not saying go out with just the blazer and no shirt because you might get funny looks. What I mean is that they have become a staple of a woman’s wardrobe as much as the tee has. The blazer is utterly timeless and there are so many styles out there that there is something to suit everyone.

Now ladies you probably one or more blazer in your wardrobe. In my opinion a black blazer is probably the most versatile colour of blazer. Whether its cropped, boyfriend, miltary style etc a black blazer is the most classic. The shops are filled with blazers in many colours and styles. Admittedly my two favourite styles of blazer at the moment are peplum blazers and also fitted blazers. Being petite I unfortunately cant wear huge oversized blazers because they absolutely swamp my frame. So I usually stick to cropped blazers or fitted blazers.

The advantage of wearing a blazer is that they can be dressed up or down. A tee, jeans and flats with a blazer make for a casual yet chic day time look whereas a blazer can be made glamourous by wearing it with a glam top, skinny jeans and heels.

Here’s my pick of some of the vast array of blazers on the high street:

£35 – Dorothy Perkins

£30 – Miss Selfridge

£24.99 – New Look

There are loads of other blazers on the high street and also designer one but I’m a student so I don’t have loads of money to throw around. The burgundy one from New Look has pretty much a double in TopShop except the TopShop blazer is £65! Just shows you that shopping around is worth it.


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