The affordable ‘It’ bag goes designer

I found out the wonderful news last week. New York Fashion Week started recently and designer Chris Benz has decided to collaborate with the iconic Cambridge Satchel Company to create a range of 2 tone satchels. These beautiful satchels have also been seen on a variety of celebrities including Zooey Deschanel, Dakota Fanning and Taylor Swift. This isn’t the first collaboration that The Cambridge Satchel Company has produced, the company has collaborated with Dover Street Market and even Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, who commissioned custom satchels bearing the Sterling Cooper Draper Price logo as an end-of-season gift for the cast. This collaboration however is the first US designer that has produced a collection for the company

In the collection there will be 9 colour variants and I would expect nothing less from Chris Benz and he is known for his love of colour. His take on the classic school satchel in my opinion is really cute and fun.The satchels are available in a range of colors including lilac, lemon, rose, duck egg, tangerine, green, red, white and brown. Here are some of the satchels that you will be able to get your hands on next year:

Personally my two favourite out of the photos that I have seen  are the black and white one and also the pastel purple and white one. I can’t wait for this collection to be released next year so I can add to my collection – currently on order is my 11″ classic red satchel which should turn up in October so I’m really excited about that when it finally arrives.

What do you think of the Chris Benz x Cambridge Satchel collaboration?


My top 2 foundations for pale/fair skin

I’m not saying that my word is rule, I’m just telling you what my top two foundations are for pale to fair skin and one product that isn’t so brilliant. I’ve had quite a bit of trouble finding foundations that give me good coverage and actually look natural. Some of the foundation I’ve bought have either been too dark so I look orange, too light so I look like a corpse or they just don’t give me enough coverage. My last two foundations have been brilliant so I’m gonna give a quick review of each.

L’Oreal True Match Compact Foundation:


As you can see this has been well used. I don’t know the price of this as I got given it. I tried looking it up but they seemed to have discontinued it which is a real shame. I had never tried a L’Oreal foundation before this one and I am very glad I did. It has a little sponge that comes with it that sits on the other side of the compact which is rather useful. It is rather easy to blend in and gives a decent coverage. The colour I have is N1 Soft Ivory which matches my skin tone really well because I’m not a huge fan of the caked on look. The one thing I would say that is bad about this foundation is that if I have patches of dry skin then it sometimes draws attention to them so I would advise putting on a moisturiser or primer before this. They do a liquid True Match range now so once my compact and my other liquid foundation run out I may have to purchase this foundation

Collection 2000 Match Foundation –

This foundation is the one I use the most out of the two. The shade that I have is Ivory 1 and like the L’Oreal foundation it matches my skin tone extremely well. I had bought quite a few Collection 2000 products before because they are quite cheap but they are often quite good. This foundation is only £3.99 in Boots and it’s a little gem. Like I said the coverage is really good and you don’t need need a lot of product to cover your whole face. I do like the packaging of this because it looks more expensive than it is. A lot of high street and high end brands have these colour match type foundations but I can guarantee you can’t buy them for less than a fiver!

And now for one product that I really do regret buying. I know it says my two favourites but I felt like I needed to mention this product. This product is Collection 2000 Perfect Finish foundation.

I read reviews on it and people were raving about it and saying it was really good and they loved so I thought I would try it out. I bought it in Vanilla which I thought would be light enough and it wasn’t, it made me look really orange. Although it blended decently it still felt a bit cakey on my skin. With the other two it doesn’t feel like I had foundation on but with this one it felt like a mask. The packaging was ok but it did feel a bit cheap. Once I had applied it and blended it any imperfection I had or slight amount of dry skin I had was drawn attention to.

Now I’m not saying that you should stay away from Collection 2000 Perfect Finish or go out and buy Collection 2000 Colour Match. I’m just giving you a quick review on the two foundations that I find work for my skin so hopefully this will give you pale or fair skinned girls some ideas 🙂

REC 3 Review (2012)

Horror films tend to rely on the unknown that scares on. The closer we get to the monster and the more times we see it it frightens us less and less. This is what most horror franchises revolve around the defeating the monster at the end and then he comes back from the dead in the next film – Friday 13th series is a perfect example. I guess you could compare some horror franchises to comfort food, to you they are familiar and have no way of scaring you. Continue reading

Purple Rain

Rich jewel hues are all the rage for Autumn/Winter 2012. I absolutely love the colour purple and this autumn the shops will be filled with dresses, shoes, bags etc in this beautiful colour. “From the satiny rich silhouette of Armani Priveto power-hungry retro prints of Prada, purple has suddenly gone from being one of many elegant cocktail colours to the colour of collections,” says Latha Sunadh, stylist and editor of a fashion portal.

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