Polly Aberystwyth mini-haul

Sorry I haven’t blogged in ages. My third year of Uni kinda happened and I had essays and a dissertation to write as well as a 10 minute film to make so hence why I have gone AWOL for quite a few months. But I’m back now with a haul post. There is an independent chain in Aberystwyth called Polly and I absolutely LOVE their stuff and I’d thought I’d share what I have bought over the past few months with you lovely people


First up is a jersey style blue and white dress which I have had my eye on for quite a while and the size 8 went out of stock for a while but it came back in stock recently. When I tried it on it fit really nice and wasn’t too long which is often a problem I find with dress due to me being 5 ft 3. It’s the perfect summer dress to pair with bare legs and sandals or even with black tights for those days where it isn’t as warm.

Price: £24.99


I don’t usually wear white but this top is one of the few white things that I actually own. Admittedly it caught my eye simply due to the writing on the front. Although the style is quite loose fitting, tucking it into a pair of high waisted shorted makes it more fitted. Plus for £9 I could hardly not buy it.


The two things I love most about this dress are the print and also the cut. The print is so pretty and is actually fits my shape really well. This is another one of those dresses that would work with bare legs or with tights and can be worn during the day or at night. Gotta love dresses like that!

Price: £24.99

And now onto accessories…..


I’ve bought three scarves from Polly and this is the first one. The print on this scarf is really interesting and I love that it’s oversized so it will actually keep your neck warm. They had this scarf in 3 different colours but I decided on the white because I found that the print stood out more than on the other two. Again this was another bargain at just £9!

The second scarf is of a similar colour scheme to the last one but obviously a different pattern. I found the pattern to be very striking and also it looked very classy. This one is not oversized like the stag one but it is made of similar material. This one was slightly more expensive at £13.99 but it was worth it


Now onto the final item. This scarf I bought a few months and it’s the scarf I tend to grab whenever it’s a tad windy outside. The colour on this scarf is absolutely beautiful and the print is quite striking as well. I plan on buying a few more of these scarves in various colours. A girl can never have too many scarves!

Also one more thing, if you don’t believe me on how pretty these shops are here’s my 10 minute film about a day in the life of one of the Polly shops.



6 thoughts on “Polly Aberystwyth mini-haul

  1. in order to improve your blog, you need to: improve photography – if your using a DSLR, why are your photos out of focus??; your grammer isn’t very good and “takes away” from what you are saying; your film is not the best quality, so why broadcast it?? Keep at it and I’m sure it will come to you eventually.

      • Truthfully – the video is awful. It’s uninspired, boring and why on earth can I hear the person (I presume) behind the camera speaking. Just because you have a DSLR, does not mean you can make videos; filmmaking is a craft and you evidently need practise. Also, please learn to focus properly when taking photographs. Anyone who considers themselves, even remotely, a “photographer” would discard your “photos” immediately. Just trying to help.

      • No you aren’t trying to help. I’m not a experienced, I’m a student. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it all. I am proud of the piece I made and the reason you can briefly hear the person speak behind the camera is because if we had edited it out it would have been a bit jumpy.

  2. you obviously have not figured out how to edit properly. overlay and layer your sound – now thats a helpful bit o advice for ya! being a student is no excuse, there is excellent student work out there!

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