People who annoy me on trains….

Over the past two months I have been up in London doing an internship at a company in London so I have to get the train 3 days a week during rush hour. This leads to me seeing various people, most of whom who do not irritate me in the slightest but there are certain types of people who do. Here is the top 10:

1. People who decide to have very loud conversations on the phone – nobody wants to hear your conversation at 7am when most of them – including me – are trying to get a bit more sleep before work. I’m not talking about business men calling work, I’m talking about the people -namely girls- who decide to have really loud conversations with their friends for half an hour about the happenings of the weekends or some such pointless conversation. They always seem to start their conversation something like “Douggiie …how you doin’ matee!” at the top of their lungs. I swear they think everyone around them is deaf

2. People who decide to read broadsheet newspapers – I don’t begrudge people bringing things on the train to read – I do it myself – however it is not OK to read a broadsheet newspaper out wide on a cramped train during rush hour. To me these people – usually men – look like swooping eagles with their outstretched arms. They also fail to notice that the person sat next to them might get hit in the face with said newspaper

3. People who get on the train before you get off – this happens on a regular basis to me. I swear people just assume that it’s their given right to get on the train regardless or whether other people actually want to get off it. These people then look annoyed when I get off as they are trying to get on, surely 10 seconds won’t harm their journey?! Its just pure bad manners and a lack of common sense

4. People who run at the train doors seconds before it is meant to leave – now this can either be funny or really annoying. Either the train pulls away and leaves said person on the platform looking rather deflated, or, it can end up with that person squeezing on to the train and trying to find a spot to cram themselves. Not cool.

5. Wearing a backpack on a crowded train – I don’t see why people feel the need to wear huge ass backpacks on a crowded train and risk smacking someone on the face when they move. It doesn’t take a minute to take it off and hold it. I’m pretty sure they don’t realise exactly how much space they are taking up. Some people are just so inconsiderate.

6. Leaning on a pole – it’s a crowded train and there is no need for you to lean on the pole that people want to hold on to. Having your hand crushed by someone’s back isn’t a nice experience

7. People who listen to their music too loudly – I like listening to music as much as the next person, but I enjoy listening to MY music; I do not want to listen to yours. Your music does not need to be so loud that I can hear the buzzing of your headphones. Just think about your poor ears.

8.  People who put their bags on a seat – I’m sorry I didn’t realise that your bag was so important that it needed to have it’s own seat. The seats on the train are meant to be used for people to sit on not for your bag. Is it such a hardship to put it on your lap or on the floor. No it isn’t.

9. Slow walking commuters – I understand that stations get very busy and crowded but often people will be walking along at such a slow pace and there is nothing stopping them from walking at a normal pace. It seems that commuters seem unable to walk at a reasonable pace. Slow walking people need to be punched in the back of the head.

10. People who randomly stop in the middle of the platform – why just WHY?!?! This happens to me at least once a day and it annoys me every single time. I’m just walking along behind a group of people when the person in front decides to stop in the middle of the platform causing me to nearly smack into them.

So that concludes the people who annoy me trains, happy commuting guys!