Well haven’t you grown up rather quickly?

You see it all the time in soaps. Children in soaps often start when they are quite young and they often grow up in the show. Although sometimes they want to speed up the ageing of the character in the show. Eastenders is a prime example of this. When the first actor who played Ben Mitchell the character was around 14 in 2010 and when he returned only a few months later he was replaced with another actor and suddenly he had aged about 3 years in the space of a few months and had also shot up. i get that getting a new actor is easier than having the same actor. It is often done when the shows writers and producers want that character to have more grown up storylines so they bring in an older actor so that the viewers don’t get outraged about the storyline.

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So the saga continues

If you haven’t heard the latest news about the TomKat saga, where have you been? Living under a stone most probably. It wasn’t really that much of a shock.

The rumour mill has been going into overdrive with reasons as to why Katie decided to end the marriage to Tom. One of the biggest reasons that has been put forward is of course Scientology. Tom apparently wanted Suri to be raised Scientology and Katie objected to her daughter being raised that way. The only reason this story has been given so much news coverage is that they are seen as one of the super-couples and of course us fame-obsessed mortals want to get all the gossip on their lives. In the New York Times 7 pages was dedicated to the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. In recent weeks it has come to light that Katie will have full custody of Suri although Tom will have visitation rights she will stay with her mother. So Cruise has chosen his relgiion over his own daughter? Nice one!

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Money can’t buy you likes

So recently Facebook has rolled out a promotion where you can pay to ensure that your posts will be seen by your Facebook friends. Since it’s launch in 2004 there have been many rumours that Facebook will soon become a pay-only site however nothing ever came of said rumours. This latest money-making scheme comes very soon after the controversy that the value of Facebook was decreasing. This rumour however has become the truth.

There is now an official video on the social networking site telling users how the service works. Whenever you post on Facebook it is often lost in the amount of status updates that are on people’s newsfeeds. These posts are often only restricted to people that you are friends with. The pay to post service is aimed at businesses who want to promote their business more. The costs range from $5 to ensure 700 see a post to $20 to reach 2,200 people although the pricing could change. You either choose for the post to be seen be everybody or to be seen by certain people. For example if it was a local cafe using the pay to post service then they could choose to only promote to their local customers.

I’m not very convinced by this whole ‘pay to post’ idea. All it is is a ploy to get more people to ‘like’ your business. Just because you have x amounts of ‘likes’ on your business’ Facebook page doesn’t mean anything. What matters is how well your business is actually doing in real life and not how popular it is in cyber space. Tumblr also has a similar idea with the whole pay to post idea where you can $1 to highlight your post. This again the same problem with it getting lost under the whole tirrade of people posting other stuff on the various social networking sites. My prediction is that Zuckerburg will soon roll it out to normal Facebook users and there will be uproar about it. Here’s a tip Mark: don’t fix what isn’t broken

What’s the obsession?

Nowadays it seems that every time a new boyband comes on the music scene or a new male pop singer it turns the tween and teenage girls of this nation into absolute nutcases. Plastering their walls with posters of these boys and turning up to any events they are at even of they are appearing for just five minutes. These ‘celebrities’ can’t even go to an airport without these girls mobbing them and screaming in joy. It doesn’t just stop there with boybands and singers, male celebrities get mobbed aswell. At most film premiers the crowd is filled with fans wanting to get an autograph or a signed picture just so they can say they have met him. These girls seem to forget that these people that they absolutely idolise and assume they are going to marry (believe me they most probably aren’t) are actually just human beings.

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OMG you’re a girl and you play games

Even though females make up only 10% of the overall gaming community it seems they are becoming even more and more popular. Many girls consider them ‘girl gamers’ even if they only play a popular game such as Skyrim, Call Of Duty or Halo for example. This doesn’t make you a ‘gamer’ if you just play ONE single game. It annoys me when some girls say they play Xbox all the time when actually all they do is play Skyrim or COD. Or they only do it to try and fit in with the boy they like. It’s pathetic

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Normal names aren’t good enough for celebrities anymore

Nowadays a celebrity can’t seem to pick a normal name for their baby. Their offspring are often stars before they are even born. Jessica Simpson has recently given birth to her daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson. The name Maxwell is usually associated with being a boy’s name. Beyonce also recently gave birth to a baby girl called Blue Ivy. Seems that celebrities can’t just call their children Lucy or Ben. Instead they have to name them something that will make them stand out.

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Why does Jeremy Kyle have to shout?

The Jeremy Kyle show is another example of a television show that is so bad it’s good. It has been on our screens since 2005. The show was first used as a replacement for the Trisha Goddard Show when it moved to Channel 5. The show is based on confrontations where the guests attempt to resolve conflict with someone significant in their lives. Jeremy often shouts at the guests who he thinks have been irresponsible in some ways. The issues that are often thrashed out infront of millions are family, sex, drugs, relationships, alcohol and other issues. Not many of the guests are that attractive either. They are often stereotyped as working class, ignorant and being ‘chavs’

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